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Starting Friday afternoon, the snow came down finally. So we decided to get up early the next day and take a train ride up north, for a quiet day in the white forest. However, public transport was in chaos!!! Either trains had delays or there were far fewer trains than normal. In our case, there was no train to get us to our final destination. So, change of plans. We decided to walk into the city of Amsterdam.

A very family-friendly, busy spot in the outskirts of the city. Love the kid learning to ice skate by pushing the Ikea trolley to help him keep his balance.

This was a nice find, a fashion sale inside a church on Haarlemmerweg. That’s me above, all rugged up standing next to my new buddy in front of the church.

Somehow I noticed more second-hand shops than any other time there. Or maybe I was sooo cold, that all I could see was big warm coats!

Beautiful light, over the frozen canal. It was certainly a very popular spot (from the bridge) to try and capture Amsterdam on a snowy winter day!


I was going through some photos when i noticed the snowy photos from last December – when it was a beautiful white world here. The photos are of The Hague on a early Sunday morning around the city, the woods and the beach in Scheveningen.  Two crazy guys were surfing, a girl was walking her horse on the beach and another guy was kite surfing on the snow….I also made a short video of the day it self…but didn’t mange to film for too long because  it was that COLD to keep taking my gloves off to press the record button!

It’s a white world after all…perfect timing to share this BEAUTIFUL short animated movie {above} I’ve seen it so many times already, i highly recommend it!…and since the theme is DOLLS, i thought you might also love this cute handmade crafts, rag dolls with a hit of vintage influence {below}by Juime

Zeeland {meaning sea-land) in south of Holland on a very freezing sunday afternoon, before it stared to snow! The landscape was beautiful and peaceful. It was exceptionally cold and icy that you could skate over the sand…something too look forward, ice-sakting over the canals!

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