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Recyclart is a really great website to inspire you and get you in the mood to recycle things (trash!) you thought you would never need to see again … Such as a license plate into a fruit bowl (see above)You’ll find quirky, strange, useful, cool products – made from recycling, reusing, up-cycling materials … You can even find tips and links to the original artworks – to help you get started on your next ‘eco friendly’ project! I just love the idea, the challenge of reusing a material (trash!) and transforming it into one-of-a-kind, treasure!

As you can see, creative recycling is not only a second-hand art, but rather, it’s a lifestyle indeed … Recycled book bench, LP book and magazine rack made with bicycle inner tubes!
How about, recycled cinder blocks for the garden?!{ all images found via Recyclart }

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