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Ahhh, horses…I absolutely love them out in the wild. All these gorgeous photos are taken in Iceland by photojournalist, Paul Taggart. I’m really fascinated by Iceland, the scenery, the nature looks like a magical place….would love to go someday!

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Either he’s very tall or I’m extremely short?! But he’s way taller than me. He has blue eyes and is a great storyteller and i admire his talent for drawing. If any animals comes in contact with him, they’ll be good friends. He has more energy than any other person I’ve ever met – If it’s windy, he’s windsurfing – When ever it’s possible he’ll be at the sea, catching some long rides – More importantly, he loves to ride his BMX and it’s his birthday today!!! It’s only till i met him that i discovered the creative, fun and thrilling world of BMX – They like to travel and explore…..So today, we’re  away on a weekend trip in Germany to celebrate his big day under the sun! Sunny kisses! Hope you have an awesome weekend! Love, Susan

AMAZING Photographer and designer based in New Zealand has made my day! His name is Andrew and specializes in contemporary photography under the name Cuba Gallery. You can admire his work on flickr or you can also visit his online gallery. There you can find information on Adobe Lightroom presets, and tutorials, go here. Unfortunately the downloads for the tutorials are not for free – but they are also not expensive. I have to say, just by studying the original photo and the after shot, and comparing them both. It completely blew me away how beautiful his photos are and how awesome it would be to learn how to manipulate my images…..hmmm will see! The small landscape photo on the right is the original photo – looking a bit plain, still nice though!

Below is the after shot of New Zealand beach landscape…:Bali, IndonesiaSomewhere in CubaNotice the sky in the background? On the original photo, there is no sky – just a white wall!

Hands down one of the most awe-inspiring short surf film I’ve seen! You don’t need to be a surfer to appreciate this film. It’s for everyone, anyone who loves the sea, loves mother nature. The cinematography is breath-taking, it’s like poetry in motion…

Film by Allan Wilson and photos by Allan Wilson from his blog

Phot0 by…: by Gareth Rhys

Phot0 by…: by Pip Wilson

Photo…: by Pip Wilson

When I think of November, I think of spring, Jacaranda Tree and celebrating my Birthday! Around this time of the year the stunning Jacaranda Tree begins to blossom…and by the end of the season its spread over the grass, streets looking like a purple carpert….but it’s not like that here – no tropical trees like the Jacaranda…orange yellow Autumn Trees is what i see instead…it’s a windy, colder birthday than i hoped…but a very exciting and very cultural night ahead of me!

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