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Twenty-five years on and Paul Simon is back into my life! He is performing tonight (as I write) in Amsterdam. Such a shame I am not there, but lucky for me, I got to the chance to watch the film on TV last night and I can not stop thinking about it… Paul Simon is now 70yrs old and still singing in tune — just like I remember.

Under African Skies, is a new documentary celebrating the 25th anniversary of Paul Simon’s beloved album, ‘Graceland’. The film is a musical journey, that reunites Paul with the original band members in South Africa. Racial and political problems tensions also plays a major role in the film.

BUT it’s the magic of the music — the collaborative effort between Paul Simon and the South African musicians — that inspired me the most. I felt bewitched by the end of the film, by the exquisite voices of the cappella group, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, “Homeless” — That explains why I included the precious photo of the little girl (see above picture) praying/singing. So sooth your soul and see the documentary.

If you are located in Holland, you can watch the full length documentary here
[ Images from left to right.: via here and here ]

Late Thursday night here, it is cold outside and it’s almost a Full Moon…: Here a couple of my photos from Hossegor, France and San Sebastian, in Spain. Two different locations with free concert on the beach late in the evening.

Do you also have it that when you’re on a holiday at a unfamiliar, new location with no plans. But to just go with the flow, check out where all the locals are. Then suddenly you come across a crowd, the band setting up and before you know it – your among the crowd feeling like a local, enjoying the tunes, the ‘local’ music…: I find those sort of experiences in the past, very special and remain a highlight in my travels.

Around about that time when these photos were taken, it was also a full moon in San Sebastian. However, I wasn’t wearing a jumper or drinking a cup of tea. ..: Good Night!

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