Over the weekend, the city of Delft (and around Holland) opened its door to the public for the event, Open Monument Day (open monumentedag in Dutch). It’s the only opportunity to see and discover historical buildings that are not normally open for the public.

I venture out into little Delft on both Saturday and Sunday. It´s hard to see everything, even if you have two days. The weather was unbelievably gorgeous that it was so hard to stay inside for too long. I discovered new places and revisited familiar places too. The water tower (see above images) gave me a new perspective of Delft, that I never seen before. I also noticed how green Delft is!

Inside the very spacious and beautiful, Oude Kerk (Old Church).

You can see the old church, sticking out in the back of the photo.

It was a hot day and these boys were having so much fun jumping off the bridge, into the canals.

If people were not swimming in the canals, they were sitting on the terrace.

Above and below, images of the Gemeente (town hall) It’s quite a small place but a charming building.

Remonstrantse Kerk (hidden church) the cutest church in Delft, secretly hidden away.

[ All photos by.: Susan Jimenez ]

So I leave you with the best secret treasure that I discovered on Sunday. It’s hidden away, outside the main centre of Delft. A great place to visit for a peaceful day out. If you are searching for a break from the city, and feel like being surrounded by nature, this is the place. Kruithuis (gun power tower) build around 1659  – I took plenty of photos of this secret spot, but will share it some other time. For now, this green Delft.

I have some super awesome news to share with you guys! It’s all I can think of these days! Last Sunday I uploaded my second video for the Samsung Global Blogger competition. I had to create a 30 second video of an event in Holland, where I had to show my reporting and editing skills. It was a great challenge, I had fun producing the video and I am through to the final round – the top 20 from The Netherlands. So excited!!

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It’s not often that I see my brother-in-law, maybe twice a year on his travels from San Diego to Cairo. Fortunately, this time, the three of us had more than just a couple of days together. And so a spontaneous day out to Ghent was perhaps the highlight of our time together.

A great overview of the city of Ghent, from the 91-meter-high belfry, medieval tower.

A funky Christmas tree in front of Gravensteen castle.

Mmm too bad this chocolate shop was already closed by the time we passed through. Otherwise, I would have loved to take a bite of Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet (black Piet) chocolates…Sinterklaas, (also known as Saint Nicholas) looks so cute here with his red costume and a mitre on his head.

Sinterklaas, is a Dutch (and Belgium) tradition that the children love so much and celebrate on December 5th. The adults also join in and exchange gifts AND write a poem to go with the present. I managed to write 5 poems in Dutch (it took me for ever) and Rutger wrote 11 poems in no time!

Last photo of the evening, beautiful Ghent by night…

Two totally different videos that for some reason i thought it would fit nicely here… Both such a cool idea and AWESOME editing!

100 YEARS OF FASHION IN 100 SECONDS..: It starts with the two dancers waltz, jive and rave their way through the decades. In everything from flapper frocks (think Daisy in The Great Gatsby) … 1950s fashion, glamour and the defined waist line (think Grace Kelly in Rear Window) … the Swinging Sixties, bright colors and geometric prints (Sienna Miller in Factory Girl) … loved the hippie era, who can forget the 80s, and then came along ravers, grunge, anything goes style, to 2011. …What’s your favourite year? I’m torn between 20s, 30s and 60s. I’d say another era tomorrow!

MOVE..: 3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food…into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films = a trip of a lifetime!

Hands down one of the most awe-inspiring short surf film I’ve seen! You don’t need to be a surfer to appreciate this film. It’s for everyone, anyone who loves the sea, loves mother nature. The cinematography is breath-taking, it’s like poetry in motion…

Film by Allan Wilson and photos by Allan Wilson from his blog

There’s something so intriguing about black and white photos. I cherish my parent’s black and white old photo albums  and love looking at them…:There’s is also something about my mum, her beauty, energy and determination that I love about her.

It’s my mums BIRTHDAY TODAY and although I didn’t get the chance to join her (she lives in Australia) on her daily morning walk, followed by a swim in the ocean pool…and eat gooood food. She’s always in my happy thoughts and I feel bless to have her as my mum. She’s young at heart, full of energy with a contagious laugh and she can talk you into achieving anything in the world – if you set your mind to it and work hard!

My mum was born in a small country town in Guatemala. After a few years of working as a hairdresser she met my dad…: for their honeymoon they traveled for almost 2 years around the world!!!. My dad took these photos  in the late 1960’s in Paris and Luxembourg…: I’ve always aspired to travel around the world and see just as much or even more than my parents. I’ve seen quite a bit already but I still yet have a long way to catch up to mum and dad.


Late Thursday night here, it is cold outside and it’s almost a Full Moon…: Here a couple of my photos from Hossegor, France and San Sebastian, in Spain. Two different locations with free concert on the beach late in the evening.

Do you also have it that when you’re on a holiday at a unfamiliar, new location with no plans. But to just go with the flow, check out where all the locals are. Then suddenly you come across a crowd, the band setting up and before you know it – your among the crowd feeling like a local, enjoying the tunes, the ‘local’ music…: I find those sort of experiences in the past, very special and remain a highlight in my travels.

Around about that time when these photos were taken, it was also a full moon in San Sebastian. However, I wasn’t wearing a jumper or drinking a cup of tea. ..: Good Night!

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