For some little eye candy inspiration, Swedish interior stylist and set designer Lo Bjurulf is the woman to discover here. I first came across her work (the pink room, see last image below) a while back last year without knowing who she was. Then just recently via a danish website (that i am sorry i can’t remember!) had a post on her work and a link to her portfolio at agent bauery.

After spending so much time admiring the room settings, the fabrics, looking into all the details, I found it difficult  to select just a few photographs from her portfolio. I particular like both the above and below photographs, both styles are very pretty and a little girly – love the frills, the couch, the different types of fabrics. And the set up of this lovely tea tray.
How can you not like this great spacious PINK room? It’s eye candy living, its fun and I would love to see the other rooms too!
{images: agent bauery}


Inspired by Gee’s Bend Quilters, recycled denim, corduroy and cottons quilt by Melinda … I’m liking the slipcover, felted thrifted wool sweaters used to make a patchwork slipcover for an extremely ugly ottoman – It indeed looks good and very soft! Melinda has some more cute patchwork, embroidery and freehand stitching to share here

Forget Gran’s stitching patterns and traditional ideas, instead go for the chic look! With lot’s of patience and care, hand-stitched vogue covers by Inge Jacobsen. I’m still wondering if she has just stitched over the actual vogue covers or fabric?  {Found via …: lostateminor }

Not all Sundays are lazy Sunday. Last Sunday I made my way to Funky Xmas Sunday Market in the culture park Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. The day brought plenty of creativity inspiration and enough fun stuff to do all in one-day. Despite it been a very chili day, the sun was shining and everyone was out and about and I kept myself busy taking photos…There were close to 200 diverse stall holders selling art, jewels, ceramics, plush toys, bags, organic food and so forth as well as live music – all under one very big roof.  I’m sure I missed some good ones but it was very difficult to see them all.  Here is a big mix of awesome goodies I manage to take a snap of…

1…: Really fun and unique jewelery by Lammers & Lammers{1st 3 photos from the top}
Piled up chinaware, Kitsch style by Stapel Werk {photo from above}
2. Unique screen printed t-shirts and sketchbooks designs by my friend Pini Piru {1st 3 photos from the top} for her Etsy shop go here …a little of everything and it’s very cute by {4th from the right} Swiedebie3. You can’t miss House of dots it’s very original and awesome clothing stall {Top main photo, plus 2nd on the left} ….and Dolls Light Design by Mokka who also makes handmade handbags {4th to the left photo}
4. Fun Paper Mache workshops by Beesten Werk {1st 3 photos from the top}
Last photo of the day but a very vibrant one by Leona design

I met so many friendly faces on the day and have tried to add as many names and links as I recall. If I have missed you – you can leave a comment below with your details. Hope you like the photos…look forward to your comments!

I particularly like white living rooms with lot’s of colour around the room, to give it that more homey feeling. For a fresh looking style home with linen or cotton print design cushions…See some of the soft cushions I found on-line that might lighten up your living room.

1. Lovely white room…: Photo by Per Gunnarsson {Source via From Scandinavian With Love} 2. These just look so good, simple and cool (and expensive) digital prints…: by Dorte Agergaard3. Fun Aussie Designs…: by Feed the Dog …But apparently she doesn’t own a dog. Still a cute name, I think.4. Check out here cute Etsy shop…: Roddy and Ginger5. Another great Aussie worth mentioning, with nice print work. Etsy Shop…: by Mookah6. I Love this web shop, it’s fun, original and with style. A must see …:  Zoe de Las Cases

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