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Such an impressive work created by Parisian illustrator, Ugo Gattoni. The original is a 5 meters long drawing of the streets of London! I would love to see that. The book is published by Nobrow Press,  you can find more images and information about the book there. Or watch the BICYCLE video.

Inspired by the 2012 London Olympic Games, young artist Ugo Gattoni intricately illustrates a cycle race through the streets of London. From elite athletes to cycle couriers, commuters, bankers, delivery boys, mums with kids, youths on stolen mountain bikes to fashionistas and hipsters on fixed gear bikes – pretty soon you will realize this is no ordinary road race!

[ Found via Popshot Magazine, Images + Source: Nobrow, Video by camdurandrival ]

From Delft to Utrecht and back. Photos from little alleys and through brick tunnels. So much has been happening in the last few weeks that It feels like these photos represent where I am at – ready to ignore the dissapointments and better of looking forward and making good things happen for me.

The street festivals have started in Delft. Over the weekend it was the street art festival, Mooi Weer spelen one of the largest, vibrant, very colourful free festivals in DelftSaturday turned out to be a gorgeous summer day, everyone excited to get some sun, vitamin D…And you could not go wrong taking photos – perfect blue sky all around and everyone was happy to pose for the camera.

There was dance performance, people dressed in original, funky bright outfits…and there was a wedding among the crowd…see the beautiful car in the photo (top right). Funny thing is, i just noticed while i was editing the photo that i know the couple! It’s an English expat and his newly Dutch wife, aaah, how romantic.

The Festival is a two-day event over the weekend and it is 25 years old! I yet to go through the Sunday, second day of the festival photos… There was definitely more to see on that day but unfortunately it left me amazed (again) how quickly the weather changes over night in Delft.

I keep meaning to go back to this exhibition. Last time I was there, it was an overcast day so I didn’t hang around for too long. These enormous sculptures by various Chinese artists are displayed along lovely Lange Voorhout, The Hague till September 11, 2011

The exhibition is timed to coincide with the first Chinese emigrants setting foot in the Netherlands 100 years ago. This year’s event is presented under the title The Hague under the Heavens, referring to the Chinese Tian Xia or All under Heaven, one of the cornerstones of the Chinese Confucian world view.

This one is my favourite, its massive and so intriguing to everyone!

Artist ..: Yue Minjun, Flexible latitude

Say aaaah….yes, that is me in the photo!

Artist ..: Cang Xin, Hitting things just with Qi

Indeed its made in China! A 5 meters high red dinosaur, an enlargement of a toy figure. It refers to the Chinese mass production.

Artist ..: Sui Jianguo, Dinosaur amidst the wind

The object on show here is an old cardboard packing box with worn labels, battered and crushed at the corners, revealing its history.

Artist ..: Jiao Xingtao, Gift from Heaven

Still need to experience the big lamp during the night.

Artist ..: Jiao Xingtao, Gift from Heaven

{ for more information: The Hague under the Heavens }

I need some positive, energy boost! But before I head outside to enjoy the sun, i‘m sending you happy faces from around the world… The little girl (so full of life, with her camel friend) cracks me up every time i see the photo… How about the boy?! So stylish and charming. What a cutie!!!

Thought theyll make you smile!

{Images via I like hopeful street art and lord parsons }

Back from busy beautiful Paris. Its been a while since i taken sometime to write and share photos with you. I thought I’ll stay away from the typical iconic shots, but its hard not to guess this is Paris…Hehe. I was there for my 3rd time to meet my family from Sydney. So it was a different kind of visit to Paris…did lot of walking, eating, talking (its been 5 months since I’ve been hanging out with my family) so of course it was really good to be there…. Also I had the chance to meet up with my lovely friend Natalie who lives in Paris. So I’m happy to say I got to experience more of the “french” culture, the atmosphere. It’s an overwhelming city Paris, to say the least. It’s very busy, lot of tourist around – specially at summer time. There is soooo much to do and see, so no doubt I’ll be going back there soon.

A mix of modern art Sculptures in The Hague on Lange Voorhout during the evening … A very beautiful long street in The Hague. You can discover the free open-air exhibition of: 23 monumental bronze sculptures of Spanish artist Manolo Valdés along with 5 smaller marble and stone sculptures by Flemish artist Kim de Ruysscher. As part of The Hague Summer Festivals you can see the sculptures from the 17 June – 12 September 2010.

This was fun … here with my friend Andrea trying to imitate Princess Leia from Star Wars. I wonder if the artist, Manolo Valdés was inspired by Princess Leia too?

Princess Leia and her famous hair buns.

Sculpture below reminds me of this famous painting By Diego Velázquez, 1656



I love this photo (below) of Andrea … striking a pose with the marble sculpture!

Shhh! be quiet his sleeping!

Around the corner you can find huge life-size Sand Sculpture created by the sand academy: as an ‘Ode to the Dutch Masters’ in the square at the Buitenhof. There till August 27th 2010. Curious? check the website…:The Hague Festival

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