Finally, I made the effort to head out and catch some nice rides today. Sure it was busy out  in the surf, the swell was good and everyone always wants to be at the right spot – in hope to catch the perfect wave. But that was no distraction for me to enjoy the sun  in my face while been in the water again. Eventually, I paddled my way to a quitter spot where it felt like I had the sea to myself … love that feeling! Getting washed in the waves, having sore arms (from the paddling)  or jumping into the cold water is ALWAYS worth it!

{Photos by Dane Peterson,  David Greg & Keegan Gibbs}

Had a delicious swim at the beach today, it was a very sunny, hot day. The water temperature was freezing but it felt soooo GOOD swimming out there! Tomorrow is going to be even hotter than today … Hello August – I’m expecting some more sunshine!Before the swim though, I painted my kitchen wall shelves white. Nothing special about that but after I arrange a few things here and there … I might make it look fresh and new. Cant wait to get started on it tomorrow.

{images and source: girl and jar }

{ Ocean meets sky by..:  Terry Fan }

So I’ve been having a lazy but comforting long weekend. Though the weather has been a little moody in the last few days; we got buckets of rain by late Friday, Saturday was sunny but with a cool breeze and now it’s grey outside… Maybe that explains why I’ve chosen these illustrations today (since it’s not the first time I’ve noticed them).  At least they seem to fit in well with my Sunday mood. That is something whimsy and peaceful about them. I particular love the illustration below, the couple cuddling under the sea blanket on the beach! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
{ Ocean of love and Queen of Ocean by..:  Chalermphol Harnchakkham }

Not sure how the weather is out there for you but the wind is wild here today. Sounds cozy and it’s a good day out for windsurfing….Since sometime back I noticed these beautiful and STUNNiNG black and white photos by Hengki Koentjoro on flickr. If you’re blown away by what you see, make sure you check him out on fllckr.….Well, there is no big storm here but I’m sure if i was out in the water today,  I would be enjoying the rough sea and duck diving under the roaring waves…

For some sea creature inspiration that I find simple and delicate. Might be tricky to find the right spot for either of them.  Or then again, it might fit in just about any space in your home and not just for beach homes. Still, they so look pretty!

Glass bowl wrapped with pretty lace and sea coral inside from Sweet Paul….: A little handmade coral garden by crocheter Helle Jorgensen. It’s made from paper yarn, which i never heard of till i checked out her work. You can see more on her etsy shop GooseFlesh…..: Coral in glass lamp found via

Below…: Perhaps not so delicate as the other pieces from above. Yet incredible and amazing! Wood art sculpture by Morgan Herrin

For a calm day out in a lake, or if you dare out in the sea. This transparent Canoe Kayak is too cool to be true. I’m sure this is nothing new for lots of people, specially for Canadians! Though it is for me, the idea to see everything below you while you paddle out, sounds amazing…: Have you ever seen one or been on one like this before? { source: here and here }

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