Over the weekend, the city of Delft (and around Holland) opened its door to the public for the event, Open Monument Day (open monumentedag in Dutch). It’s the only opportunity to see and discover historical buildings that are not normally open for the public.

I venture out into little Delft on both Saturday and Sunday. It´s hard to see everything, even if you have two days. The weather was unbelievably gorgeous that it was so hard to stay inside for too long. I discovered new places and revisited familiar places too. The water tower (see above images) gave me a new perspective of Delft, that I never seen before. I also noticed how green Delft is!

Inside the very spacious and beautiful, Oude Kerk (Old Church).

You can see the old church, sticking out in the back of the photo.

It was a hot day and these boys were having so much fun jumping off the bridge, into the canals.

If people were not swimming in the canals, they were sitting on the terrace.

Above and below, images of the Gemeente (town hall) It’s quite a small place but a charming building.

Remonstrantse Kerk (hidden church) the cutest church in Delft, secretly hidden away.

[ All photos by.: Susan Jimenez ]

So I leave you with the best secret treasure that I discovered on Sunday. It’s hidden away, outside the main centre of Delft. A great place to visit for a peaceful day out. If you are searching for a break from the city, and feel like being surrounded by nature, this is the place. Kruithuis (gun power tower) build around 1659  – I took plenty of photos of this secret spot, but will share it some other time. For now, this green Delft.

After the success of the first pop-up store by Studio 2010 last year. Studio 2010 (by Denise Rontberg and Melanie Haaksma) was back in Delft for one month only. Fortunately, I made it to the  last day, in time to check it out.

A very spacious place with a cool mix of then and now, vintage industrial interior. Lots of accessories, handmade jewellery, unique handbags and vibrant little pieces spread out the room.

Love the wall piece (and the pink cupboard) above, both are so vibrant!

Let´s hope they will be back soon! … Pop over to see more of Studio 2010

[ photos by Susan Jimenez ]

From Delft to Utrecht and back. Photos from little alleys and through brick tunnels. So much has been happening in the last few weeks that It feels like these photos represent where I am at – ready to ignore the dissapointments and better of looking forward and making good things happen for me.

The street festivals have started in Delft. Over the weekend it was the street art festival, Mooi Weer spelen one of the largest, vibrant, very colourful free festivals in DelftSaturday turned out to be a gorgeous summer day, everyone excited to get some sun, vitamin D…And you could not go wrong taking photos – perfect blue sky all around and everyone was happy to pose for the camera.

There was dance performance, people dressed in original, funky bright outfits…and there was a wedding among the crowd…see the beautiful car in the photo (top right). Funny thing is, i just noticed while i was editing the photo that i know the couple! It’s an English expat and his newly Dutch wife, aaah, how romantic.

The Festival is a two-day event over the weekend and it is 25 years old! I yet to go through the Sunday, second day of the festival photos… There was definitely more to see on that day but unfortunately it left me amazed (again) how quickly the weather changes over night in Delft.

Beautiful evening images during the Liberation evening concert, together with Queen Beatrix on the Amster River. Well, of course i couldn’t see Queen Beatrix but i heard she was there!. May 5, Liberation Day ( Bevrijdingsdag in Dutch) is a very special day in The Netherlands as it marks the end of World War II, 67 years since Germany surrendered at the end of World War II. …Peace, freedom and unity, It’s worth celebrating!

This was my first time in Amsterdam on Liberation Day and I’m glad i went. The atmosphere was easy-going but energetic and peaceful. Lot’s of music, festival going around and markets to check out during the day – all spread throughout the city of Amsterdam.

More photos of the day concerts and markets to be posted tomorrow. Till then, sending you peaceful vibes…xx

After dinner tonight, we had a walk a little walk around Delft. The light and the clouds were especially gorgeous. Most of the streets were very quiet. Yet everyone was enjoying the last hour of the sun, sitting outside having a drink. Or doing last minute preparations for tomorrows …. Big ORANGE celebration, Queens day, koninginnedag in Dutch.

Cold beer for the warm and very sunny weekend! It’s still March and it actually feels like springtime. Time to get rid of my bulky, winter clothes and bring out some pretty summer dresses….I was not the only one though. It was around 16/17 degrees and everyone was outside soaking in the sun…

Even the cats were enjoying the warm sun!.

Starting Friday afternoon, the snow came down finally. So we decided to get up early the next day and take a train ride up north, for a quiet day in the white forest. However, public transport was in chaos!!! Either trains had delays or there were far fewer trains than normal. In our case, there was no train to get us to our final destination. So, change of plans. We decided to walk into the city of Amsterdam.

A very family-friendly, busy spot in the outskirts of the city. Love the kid learning to ice skate by pushing the Ikea trolley to help him keep his balance.

This was a nice find, a fashion sale inside a church on Haarlemmerweg. That’s me above, all rugged up standing next to my new buddy in front of the church.

Somehow I noticed more second-hand shops than any other time there. Or maybe I was sooo cold, that all I could see was big warm coats!

Beautiful light, over the frozen canal. It was certainly a very popular spot (from the bridge) to try and capture Amsterdam on a snowy winter day!

Today is my sweet dad’s birthday and it sounded like he had a good day. It was impossible to fly over for a weekend trip to Sydney to help him blow up the candles. Instead, we talked on the phone for ages (that always makes my day) and I got the feeling that we will see each other this year! That’s him in the black and white photo taken by my mum in Paris, 1969.

To me, dad is an incredible humble artist who has created some beautiful paintings and drawings as you can see above and below – these here just happened to have been saved on my computer…I love him and miss him dearly but I can’t wait to show off more of his work here!..xxX

Hope you enjoyed these post all these beautiful artworks!

Here are the rest of the photos from the “Evening of Lights Festival” Lichtjesavond in Delft. A night of special lighting effects, music, food stands and other sort of goods stands spread around the city.

My favourite stand of the night! Great to see this man still making chairs in this tradition way.

“The Light Thief” doing his show presentation on the veranda of the City Hall building. Though I have to agree with the kiddies, that he went on and on for waaay too long.
Oooh just a lady hanging in the air, singing above the crowd – just before the Christmas tree lights up for the first time. But everyone was enthralled by this spectacular presentation. The crowd at the Market Square… She had a nice voice, but i kept wondering how high and cold it was up there for her.
Finally, the Christmas tree light up! …Yes, it’s a real Christmas tree and a beautiful one, too!

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