We are having beautiful clear blue skies BUT Its getting colder here! So when I heading outside, because I need to, I look like I am heading to Alaska. Pretty shoes, cute skirts and dresses are forgotten clothes…However, there is only one good thing about this extreme cold weather – there is HOPE to go ice skating across frozen lakes and canals!!!

In the mean time, here is a photo by Anne He to help you stay warm. Xx

I was so excited to see “My Week With Marilyn,” starring Michelle Williams as the forever iconic Marilyn Monroe. The movie was OK. I wish i could say i loved it but i didn’t it. However, it’s worth seeing the movie to see what life was for Marilyn Monroe and to see Michelle Williams performance. Although i had my doubts her playing this role, i mean, those are some BIG shoes to fill. She did manage to capture Marilyn Monroe’s mannerisms and she also has the sweet demeanor needed for this role. Overall, Michelle Williams was fantastic so i wouldn’t be surprised if she wins an Oscar.

I love Marilyn, i love her smile and energy. She has always been unbelievably gorgeous, mysterious witty and interesting to me. She such a screen goddess that had a way of outshining everything around her. In a way, Michelle Williams managed to also still the show in the movie.

I don’t think you need helping guessing who is who, but just in case Marilyn Monroe is the one on the right, the hotter one here – even in a woolen turtle neck!

{ images of Michelle Williams found via: vogue magazine and images of Marilyn Monroe found via pinterest}

Finally, I made the effort to head out and catch some nice rides today. Sure it was busy out  in the surf, the swell was good and everyone always wants to be at the right spot – in hope to catch the perfect wave. But that was no distraction for me to enjoy the sun  in my face while been in the water again. Eventually, I paddled my way to a quitter spot where it felt like I had the sea to myself … love that feeling! Getting washed in the waves, having sore arms (from the paddling)  or jumping into the cold water is ALWAYS worth it!

{Photos by Dane Peterson,  David Greg & Keegan Gibbs}

Look at the image i ran into! Or is it an installation? Wish i knew more about it… It reminded me a little of my last few days. I’ve been studying for my Dutch listening exam while looking out the clouds – the unpredictable (sometimes) blue sky and rain, sun, rain. Anyway, i’m looking forward to Thursday and spending time outside, rain or shine!

{ image found via pinterest }

Had a delicious swim at the beach today, it was a very sunny, hot day. The water temperature was freezing but it felt soooo GOOD swimming out there! Tomorrow is going to be even hotter than today … Hello August – I’m expecting some more sunshine!Before the swim though, I painted my kitchen wall shelves white. Nothing special about that but after I arrange a few things here and there … I might make it look fresh and new. Cant wait to get started on it tomorrow.

{images and source: girl and jar }

I need some positive, energy boost! But before I head outside to enjoy the sun, i‘m sending you happy faces from around the world… The little girl (so full of life, with her camel friend) cracks me up every time i see the photo… How about the boy?! So stylish and charming. What a cutie!!!

Thought theyll make you smile!

{Images via I like hopeful street art and lord parsons }

Month of June, collage calendar made by me

It’s amazing and alarming that we’re halfway through the year already! It feels like i need to get my diary out and start to write down what i have done so far in 2011! The month of June should be a good month. It already feels like summer! Time to get away & go somewhere new… Tomorrow i’m running a 10km run! Yaicks!!. I know i can do it. I’m  just worried how long it will take me to get to the finish line?! Wish me luck!

{images source} girl at the libary, girl on the boat, couple in the train.

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