Yummy desserts and pretty images, and I am loving the lemon macaroons in gentle tones — such a stylish and simple photo. { source via: Delectable Deliciousness }

It’s not often that I blog about food and recipes. But these two ladies make me want to talk about food. They don’t just post a recipe with a nice picture and voila!. Through their blogs you can find delicious recipes, stylish photos with lot of thought put into them — exqusite photos they are, that make my stomach roar and  my eyes feel dizzy!

The above and below images are from Aline Caron’s blog, My little fabric. She is a French photographer, stylist and designer — That’s probably why I spent ages browsing through her blog, admiring her use of cute illustrations and graphics added to produce rich images — so chic!

But do not worry if you can’t read French — it’s worth your time to check out my little fabric.

{ my little fabric source found via Jelanie’s blog }

Breeze (2008), and La Chambre Rose (2003), Oil on canvas by Xi Pan from China.

This might be the first time you come across Xi Pan’s paintings .. it’s my first time too. Pan’s striking portraits of the women really caught my eye straight away. Her use of colour combinations and the gorgeous details of the patterns. She seems to capture a sense of tranquility in her work that i admire. … and feel on this rainy day.

With some films there is no need to write a movie review, except to say, “you should just see it and enjoy it”. Moonrise Kingdom is one of those films that I need to see it again because I simply love Wes Anderson´s divine world and visionary storytelling; it is very unique and he has an easily recognizable style: Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) and The Royal Tenenbaums (2001).

“I prefer stories with magic powers in them. Either in Kingdoms on earth or foreign planets. Usually, I prefer a girl heron, but not always.”  – Suzy

See it, enjoy it, step back in time – the 1960´s, relive your childhood memories and laugh a little. I hope you also fall in love with the young runaway lovers, Suzy and Sam.

[ Posters by: The Rushmore Academy, found via: Indie Wire ]

For some little eye candy inspiration, Swedish interior stylist and set designer Lo Bjurulf is the woman to discover here. I first came across her work (the pink room, see last image below) a while back last year without knowing who she was. Then just recently via a danish website (that i am sorry i can’t remember!) had a post on her work and a link to her portfolio at agent bauery.

After spending so much time admiring the room settings, the fabrics, looking into all the details, I found it difficult  to select just a few photographs from her portfolio. I particular like both the above and below photographs, both styles are very pretty and a little girly – love the frills, the couch, the different types of fabrics. And the set up of this lovely tea tray.
How can you not like this great spacious PINK room? It’s eye candy living, its fun and I would love to see the other rooms too!
{images: agent bauery}

Remember this crazy, amazing music video clip “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel? After all these years, I still LOVE it just as much as when it came out in 1986. Apparently, Peter Gabriel lay under a sheet of glass for 16 hours while filming the video one frame at a time! Patience, I say!

By now everyone has had the chance to listen to “Somebody That I Used To Know” By Wouter De Backer, better know as Goyte. The first time I heard the song (together with the music video) I couldn’t help thinking of Peter Gabriels “Sledgehammer” song. In Goyte’s video there is also a blend of stop motion animation, body painting and the way the camera pans (and moves) – then, when he hits the high notes (I don’t know about anyone else?) but I am thinking Peter Gabriel! Even though it might be for a few seconds…see what you think.

OK, two very different style that make me love them both and appreciate stop-motion animation. Want to see more? Watch Goyte’s recent live performance at the 2011 ARIA’s awards here.

{images from the Goyte website}

A mix of striking, shiny art pieces that scream out to me look at me NOW!

Would love to know who the artist is?! Painting found via ffffound
Mythical fawn made of wood by Japanese sculptor  Yoshimasa Tsuchiya
Cool glass mirror by Doug Aitken
Stunning sculpture made of pyrite (iron sulphide) found here
Awesome succulents wall hangings found here

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