Paper furniture design by Pia Wustenberg from Germany. Pia designs are very interesting and fun, as she seems to experiment with a range of materials, textures and colours. Her work shows her diversity in product design from paper furniture, to textiles, ceramics, to jewellery and so on…

Here is a mix of her paper furniture products.

SideBoard Material: Birch Plywood and Dowel, Cotton Canvas, Paper

Cute paper mirrors, that look like they are going to jump around…any minute now.

[ images and source by Pia Wustenberg ]

Not sure about you, but it did not take me long to get into the Olympics spirit and want to know what´s happening….Been a very good little swimmer as a kid, swimming is my favourite sport to watch at the Olympics. Now I feel inspired to get back into the pool, just not sure I can complete 25m of butterfly?! Though there is only one way to find out…What is your favourite sport to watch at the Olympics?

Here are some old but very relevant collages of classic statues and photo Olympians by Jens Ullirch
You can see the rest of Jens Ullirchs collages here.

{ source found via visual news }

Yummy desserts and pretty images, and I am loving the lemon macaroons in gentle tones — such a stylish and simple photo. { source via: Delectable Deliciousness }

It’s not often that I blog about food and recipes. But these two ladies make me want to talk about food. They don’t just post a recipe with a nice picture and voila!. Through their blogs you can find delicious recipes, stylish photos with lot of thought put into them — exqusite photos they are, that make my stomach roar and  my eyes feel dizzy!

The above and below images are from Aline Caron’s blog, My little fabric. She is a French photographer, stylist and designer — That’s probably why I spent ages browsing through her blog, admiring her use of cute illustrations and graphics added to produce rich images — so chic!

But do not worry if you can’t read French — it’s worth your time to check out my little fabric.

{ my little fabric source found via Jelanie’s blog }

Polyhedra Helmet made completely from 80gsm paper by Talia Jimenez for her university project. Who is Talia? Well, how long do you have? She is my beautiful and talented niece that will be visiting me very soon!.…Anyway, this is a stunning piece of art work that must have taken hours to just make one! It’s such a delicate piece of art work that i wished i could get closer to them to appreciate every little piece on its own. And search for my favourite, perhaps the butterfly print one? Or maybe I can borrow one?

Inspired by the Japanese animated film, The secret world of Arrietty. Talia had this to say about creating her project, “The task was to create a helmet for Arrietty to wear on her midnight excursion `above ground´ to the world of humans. It would need to protect her from the perils of small creatures who scuttle around in the dark. Arriety loves the garden and is always making the dangerous journey across the lawn to the bay leaf tree. She often carries leaves able her head to act as a camouflage. She would need a helmet to camouflage her from the whooping magpies above and the prying eyes of humans.”

Oh I really would like to have a couple of them and place them between one of my plants – just in case Arrietty comes for a visit and needs protection!. I love the concept! ….What are your thought?

The Secret World of Arrietty, Kari-gurashi no Arietti, original title (Karigurashi means borrower in Japanese) Written by Hayao Miyazaki (creator of Spirited Away) and Keiko Niwa, based on the novel The Borrowers by Mary Norton. Directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi.

Curious to see the movie now? Discover Arriettys world here: YouTube Trailer

{ Polyhedra Paper Helmet Photos by Talia Jimenez, 2012 }

This is interesting, a little quirky for tea lovers who love porcelain tableware, fabrics and textures. Israeli designer Rachel Boxnboim has cast a ceramic tea service inside fabric molds. Called Alice, the pieces retain the texture and seams of the fabric from which they were formed.
Rachel Boxnboim pours the liquid clay into stitched molds and gradually syringes it out again, leaving a thick layer clinging to the inside of the fabric. The cloth burns away when fired, leaving the delicate ceramic vessels behind.

Find out more about the artist and see a video of her creating these unique tea pieces here. I have to ask, are they really drinking tea cups?

{ source and images via Dezeem}

Happy New Years to you all! I hope your holidays were merry and bright. Oh and I hope you ate really well, I definitely had plenty to eat and so I have started to run!. I can’t believe the holiday season has come and gone already. All that rush for the preparation and high expectations are hopefully good memories and what will give us energy to do it all over again!!.

I haven’t had a chance to blog much but I am full of ideas and inspiration for 2012. The other day I ran into this front cover of the poetry book by Charles Bukowski (which i am very curious to read now) and so I felt like combing the text and images found via to create this collage, that says what I am thinking…: How do your days run away like?

I am back from my road trip in France. We drove along the coast of Brittany (Bretagne in French) I Had an absolutely awesome time! The weather was fantastic, sun on my face everyday – i even had three (very fresh but lovely) swims out in the sea! I took loads of photos, so many that i am afraid it’s going to take me some time to go through them all and select the good ones.

We even managed to check out more culture after we got back from the trip. We went to Eindhoven for the Dutch Design Week, and on the same night, went to the 2nd Museum Night in Delft. Hopefully, i will share my experience (the photos) with you here soon! Here is a sneak peek of typical Brittany…In the mean time, i hope you have a good kickstart to the month of November. My favourite month of the year – i will be a year older in just a few days!  Yaiks, time is flying really fast! Xx.

Had a delicious swim at the beach today, it was a very sunny, hot day. The water temperature was freezing but it felt soooo GOOD swimming out there! Tomorrow is going to be even hotter than today … Hello August – I’m expecting some more sunshine!Before the swim though, I painted my kitchen wall shelves white. Nothing special about that but after I arrange a few things here and there … I might make it look fresh and new. Cant wait to get started on it tomorrow.

{images and source: girl and jar }

Don’t you just find it fascinating to peek at other people’s creative workspace? Lisa Congdon is an artist and illustrator from San Francisco. Everything looks well-organized and carefully placed in her busy, colourful studio. See some more images and find out more on her here.I want the painting of the deer! Much of Lisa’s mix-media work is quite colourful and all have a pinch of 1980’s hot pink, neon colour… i don’t mind that all! She most recently published a book, inspired by her love for collecting bits and pieces of vintage and unusual things. You can find out more about it and see her collections in her new book here.

{Images via My Love for You and Lisa Congdon’s site}

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