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After dinner tonight, we had a walk a little walk around Delft. The light and the clouds were especially gorgeous. Most of the streets were very quiet. Yet everyone was enjoying the last hour of the sun, sitting outside having a drink. Or doing last minute preparations for tomorrows …. Big ORANGE celebration, Queens day, koninginnedag in Dutch.

Cold beer for the warm and very sunny weekend! It’s still March and it actually feels like springtime. Time to get rid of my bulky, winter clothes and bring out some pretty summer dresses….I was not the only one though. It was around 16/17 degrees and everyone was outside soaking in the sun…

Even the cats were enjoying the warm sun!.

Sunday was my first day of Ice Skating after two years! I was really looking forward to it. But as i made my way through the snowy bumps and on to the smooth ice, i heard some crackling sounds of ice!!!. Nothing happened, just a normal thing that you might hear over the frozen canals!

It was so quite around Delft Zuid, a short 5km ride from my place. The ice was new and smooth. However, Ice skating can be challenging if you are not Dutch and you didn’t grow up doing it at such a young age. You need to work on your balance, dealing with frozen toes, very cold wind on your face, climbing over walking path bridges and skating under bridges, just to name a few. But once i got my momentum going, i picked up some speed, it feels fantastic. But OK, that only lasts for two minutes and then Rutger gives me a push….and off i am again! Lol!!!.

Crazy guy above trying out Kite Ice-Skating. Now, he was all over the place, not so smooth.

Rutger, showing me how its done, he is such a pro at one-foot glides!

On the way back, i was not at all confident about skating under this (very low) bridge. So, i took my time and a tall man (skating at a good pace) squeezed in before me – went under and hit his head on the steel piece of the bridge!!! It was bad. The poor man’s head was bleeding really hard. I could not believe what just had happened, so i can’t even imagine what he felt!. At that stage, i skated on my bum under the bridge and called it a day.

Skating in -10 degrees outside, with toes that feel like they might drop off… Just doesn’t feel normal, or right anymore. But everyone else is out there!. How do they handel the cold?

Later, the short 5km bike ride back home became my biggest nightmare, and the worst cold experience in my life. A little dramatic it may sound, but it WAS. Freezing weather and skating does not come natural to me, but it’s a very special thing to experience.…AND i will be back out again tomorrow 😉

Starting Friday afternoon, the snow came down finally. So we decided to get up early the next day and take a train ride up north, for a quiet day in the white forest. However, public transport was in chaos!!! Either trains had delays or there were far fewer trains than normal. In our case, there was no train to get us to our final destination. So, change of plans. We decided to walk into the city of Amsterdam.

A very family-friendly, busy spot in the outskirts of the city. Love the kid learning to ice skate by pushing the Ikea trolley to help him keep his balance.

This was a nice find, a fashion sale inside a church on Haarlemmerweg. That’s me above, all rugged up standing next to my new buddy in front of the church.

Somehow I noticed more second-hand shops than any other time there. Or maybe I was sooo cold, that all I could see was big warm coats!

Beautiful light, over the frozen canal. It was certainly a very popular spot (from the bridge) to try and capture Amsterdam on a snowy winter day!

Here are the rest of the photos from the “Evening of Lights Festival” Lichtjesavond in Delft. A night of special lighting effects, music, food stands and other sort of goods stands spread around the city.

My favourite stand of the night! Great to see this man still making chairs in this tradition way.

“The Light Thief” doing his show presentation on the veranda of the City Hall building. Though I have to agree with the kiddies, that he went on and on for waaay too long.
Oooh just a lady hanging in the air, singing above the crowd – just before the Christmas tree lights up for the first time. But everyone was enthralled by this spectacular presentation. The crowd at the Market Square… She had a nice voice, but i kept wondering how high and cold it was up there for her.
Finally, the Christmas tree light up! …Yes, it’s a real Christmas tree and a beautiful one, too!

How did i never know about this? ‘Atelierroute’ (in Dutch), artist studios tour in Delft for two days, over the weekend. Apparently it’s been going on for years and i only just discovered it! The Foundation for Art Delft’s ‘Atelierroute’ allows the public the opportunity to visit the artist studios, some of them work from home of course. Meet the artists themselves, take a peek at their working space and ask questions! I didn’t see as much as i would have liked to but the idea is AWESOME!!! It’s just too bad that it’s only once a year!
… And for the boys, World record attempt, Heineken beer crate bridge in the centre of Delft.  Just imagine, 13.650 beer crates. 13.66 meters high… Except, i don’t get the point of going to all that trouble, just to build a beer crate bridge?

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