The street festivals have started in Delft. Over the weekend it was the street art festival, Mooi Weer spelen one of the largest, vibrant, very colourful free festivals in DelftSaturday turned out to be a gorgeous summer day, everyone excited to get some sun, vitamin D…And you could not go wrong taking photos – perfect blue sky all around and everyone was happy to pose for the camera.

There was dance performance, people dressed in original, funky bright outfits…and there was a wedding among the crowd…see the beautiful car in the photo (top right). Funny thing is, i just noticed while i was editing the photo that i know the couple! It’s an English expat and his newly Dutch wife, aaah, how romantic.

The Festival is a two-day event over the weekend and it is 25 years old! I yet to go through the Sunday, second day of the festival photos… There was definitely more to see on that day but unfortunately it left me amazed (again) how quickly the weather changes over night in Delft.

I have some super awesome news to share with you guys! It’s all I can think of these days! Last Sunday I uploaded my second video for the Samsung Global Blogger competition. I had to create a 30 second video of an event in Holland, where I had to show my reporting and editing skills. It was a great challenge, I had fun producing the video and I am through to the final round – the top 20 from The Netherlands. So excited!!

The get the opportunity to be sent by Samsung to report from the London Olympics would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! And I would love to share this opportunity and adventure with YOU.

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I’m currently away from home on a road trip somewhere on the coast of France! Eating croissants for breakfast, visiting pâtisserie during lunch time and eating fresh mussels and drinking red wine for dinner! The view, the culture and the weather should be superb too!!!
Will be back soon! Till then, au revoir! Xo

Two totally different videos that for some reason i thought it would fit nicely here… Both such a cool idea and AWESOME editing!

100 YEARS OF FASHION IN 100 SECONDS..: It starts with the two dancers waltz, jive and rave their way through the decades. In everything from flapper frocks (think Daisy in The Great Gatsby) … 1950s fashion, glamour and the defined waist line (think Grace Kelly in Rear Window) … the Swinging Sixties, bright colors and geometric prints (Sienna Miller in Factory Girl) … loved the hippie era, who can forget the 80s, and then came along ravers, grunge, anything goes style, to 2011. …What’s your favourite year? I’m torn between 20s, 30s and 60s. I’d say another era tomorrow!

MOVE..: 3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food…into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films = a trip of a lifetime!

The streets here are flat and narrow, and I’ve gotten use to riding my “mountain” bike everywhere…he he he. I like my bike but I would love to LOVE IT… Urban Outfitters has teamed up with Republic Bike.  Republic Bike bring you a personalized experience in bike design. The idea is exciting and simple. If you go to their website, you can actually pick and choose the bike you want and they build it for you. The website allows you to visualize your design in 3D and so you can end up playing around with the colours for ages!

Their bikes, colour palettes are pretty awesome but not sure about the quality? At least I’m feeling motivated to look for a real traditional “oma” (grandma) style Dutch bike. Unfortunately it won’t be as colourful – but I can work on that.

If you ever wanted to visit Holland, 30th of April, Queen’s Day (or Koninginnedag in Dutch) might be the ideal choice.  Everyone is  smiling and having a good time! Although it is national holiday to commemorate the birthday of the country’s Queen’s (mother’s) birthday. It’s not just to focus on the royal family or a presentation of patriotism. It’s simply a big open event for everyone in Holland to enjoy the day….this year, again i made my way across Amsterdam, and stayed close to the Jordaan district where it was less hectic…. Here are my photos of yesterdays very orange day outI just love the clothing sales, a fun event to  snatch up some good deals. Even the useless things people, kids get rid off that day, makes it all more interesting and worth while walking through the busy streets. Between all the craze you also have  the chance to listen to music and eat deliciously good food all day while the sun is beaming down!Since i have some more photos of yesterday – specially of cute people that i will post them tomorrow…in the mean time you can check out my last years post on Queen’s Day here.

I know that most of the times i see a painting that i love, i need to get that close to it, that i’m glad i have a small nose!. Doing that makes me think that i’ll get a new understanding of the painting and the artist….Below are a mix of photos i took from various museums in Rotterdam.Close up photo of the painting/collage of actual paper cut-outs from magazines of people skiing! From the distance it looks like small stripes of something. Love the idea!Now, let me have some fun with the following photo – the do’s and dont’s at a museum. Most people would agree that small space lets art goers get up close and intimate with the artwork. But in this case its different. Every time i look at this picture, i think its hilarious! I was standing there for a while confused with what she was doing – no, its no car racing Nintendo Wii game! She’s in fact sending a (very important if you ask her) sms while standing right in front of the painting. Clearly oblivious that people are right behind – on the side waiting politely for her to get out the way. I was just glad i wasn’t the artist, that wouldn’t be a good sign…he he he yep, you’ll always find some interesting characters at museums.I thought this was a very cool instillation. You can see the video image – top left hand side (left image)….The other image on the right is a drawing of two hands grabbing onto actual string/ rope – that connects the drawing and screen image on the wall. Cool right?!I like the way this photo turned out. You can see shadows of people through the woods – as if its part of the painting. However, its the reflection of people standing around the room.Above, hands up in the air mirror artwork, creates an illusion that there’s more than one person
Above, some cool black and white artworks of local artist in Holland.

How was you easter egg hunting today? I’ve been good and staying away from all those yummy chocolate eggs for two reason. Number one; it’s easy to do so when you have no kids. Number two; the weather is so summery that i’ve been enjoying making fresh fruit smoothies and fruit juice ice blocks. ….So for now, i know i’ll be having a boiled egg for breakfast tomorrow morning – a perfect picture for my easter. Don’t feel sorry for me, i’ll find some chocolate eggs later! Enjoy the rest of your easter and If you feel like making this funny little dudes, check out Family Fun website.

It’s a good time to start getting back to shape and try to get rid of the winter love handles – that stuck by me trough the long, very cold winter! About three weeks ago i FINALLY started jogging – I say, Hip Hip Hooray! Since i was finding it very difficult to motivate myself and get out of the door and just do it… I had to hunt down a friend of mine, who is very sporty and has been running for sometime – basically i needed a kick start and i think I’m on the right track. I’ve manage to run twice a week now, once with my friend and the other time ALONE! That’s a big accomplishment since i haven’t been jogging for over a year!….Then, i was chatting with my mum yesterday and she was telling me that she is considering to do a half marathon run within two months! She’s amazing and extremely active and fit. There’s no doubt my mum can achieve it. Thus, i better keep running! For that reason, I’m finding these photos very inspiring and excited to challenge myself and get back to Yoga….Love these Yoga poses, arm balance yoga poses are my favourite. But the 83 year old lady in the photos above is incredible! Bette Calman from Australia has been teaching Yoga for 40 years (so there’s hope!) and is living proof of how amazing Yoga can keep you fit and how good it makes you feel. Read more about Bette here.

Photos found via…: Yoga at the beach Because We Can …: Amazing 83 year old granny Read Yoga …: Hands together now love the brand …: Another photo by Because We Can …: Kitty can also do it! ffffound

So I think it’s safe to say that spring, the warm weather is finally arrived! And hopefully here to stay! The sun has been shining for the last four days and everyone is hanging outside. I’ve been going for long bike rides through the farm fields and noticed a few little lambs, duckling already, so cute! They have arrived a bit early but you can see that there’s more to come…. By the way, did you see the moon on Saturday night?…Wow!!!! Today I headed to the beach – still too cold to have a dip in the sea though….all the sunshine we’ve been having ( yeaaaii!) inspired  me to put together images  from other photographers that feel “sunny”. Here are the links (from image 1 to 4) to check out…: justbesplendid robot heart blog Patusibu blog and miss moss

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