The street festivals have started in Delft. Over the weekend it was the street art festival, Mooi Weer spelen one of the largest, vibrant, very colourful free festivals in DelftSaturday turned out to be a gorgeous summer day, everyone excited to get some sun, vitamin D…And you could not go wrong taking photos – perfect blue sky all around and everyone was happy to pose for the camera.

There was dance performance, people dressed in original, funky bright outfits…and there was a wedding among the crowd…see the beautiful car in the photo (top right). Funny thing is, i just noticed while i was editing the photo that i know the couple! It’s an English expat and his newly Dutch wife, aaah, how romantic.

The Festival is a two-day event over the weekend and it is 25 years old! I yet to go through the Sunday, second day of the festival photos… There was definitely more to see on that day but unfortunately it left me amazed (again) how quickly the weather changes over night in Delft.

Every two years a special group of volunteer workers from Filmhuis Lumen (showcases independent and foreign films) in Delft puts together a special Spanish and Portuguese Film Festival, Festibérico. You can expect to see directors, producers, actors for Q&A and listen to live music. Tonight is the opening night and as a volunteer worker at Filmhuis Lumen, I’ll be there tonight!!!  

For more Information..: Go to the Festibérico website.

Here are the rest of the photos from the “Evening of Lights Festival” Lichtjesavond in Delft. A night of special lighting effects, music, food stands and other sort of goods stands spread around the city.

My favourite stand of the night! Great to see this man still making chairs in this tradition way.

“The Light Thief” doing his show presentation on the veranda of the City Hall building. Though I have to agree with the kiddies, that he went on and on for waaay too long.
Oooh just a lady hanging in the air, singing above the crowd – just before the Christmas tree lights up for the first time. But everyone was enthralled by this spectacular presentation. The crowd at the Market Square… She had a nice voice, but i kept wondering how high and cold it was up there for her.
Finally, the Christmas tree light up! …Yes, it’s a real Christmas tree and a beautiful one, too!

I believe these are the last photos from the Antique Markets in Delft, for 2011. I hope I am wrong because I fell in love with an art nouveau bronze sculpture!

The antique markets are held every Saturday between mid-April to the end of September. The stores are spread out throughout one side of the city centre, but it takes some time to get around all of them. If you are in no rush, you won’t mind the crowd.

Last Saturday I finally made sometime to look around – I usually ride by (on my way to the fruit markets) and don’t bother to stop. But, the day was gorgeous and three hours flew by, which means I had the chance to take some great shots…

It’s impressive and overwhelming what you can find at the antique markets. The above art nouveau bronze sculpture was by far one of my favourite things that i noticed. Unfortunately, it was waaaaay over my budget…  How about a kees van Dongen lithoprint from 1957. Yes, please!!! Oh, wait. It 370 Euros.

More paintings, some of which are replicas – the girl with a pearl earring. That is so Delft!Jewels! What lady isn’t fascinated by beautiful jewels

Maybe it helps if you know what you are after or hopping to find. Otherwise, your eyes wonder of and get confused, in the wonderful antique madness of old and new and can’t decide anymore… Ha ha , that’s what happened to me!

I bought some little goodies, nothing spectacular like an art nouveau bronze sculpture!

The only sad part (of the end of the antique markets in Delft) is that…Once the antique market season is gone, it becomes a real indication that summer has left us (me) and time to move onto to Autumn!

Photos from Friday night of the first Museum Night in Delft. It was a windy, wet and very fun birthday night out. Manage to see so many art galleries in one night, that i didn’t even know existed here!…: Though the ride on the boat and the tuk-tuk along the canals was probably my highlight of the night….

What are you doing tomorrow?

Friday November 5 from 7 PM to midnight is the first “Museum Night in Delft”

Can you imagine….visiting a museum, a gallery late at night…or get to the main event via Tuk-Tuks…or with a canal boat!…It’s expected to be a spectacular cultural adventure…with live  performances throughout the historic centre…I certainly can’t wait. I’ve been to Rotterdam Museum Night a few years back but this is in my home town….What a way to celebrate my birthday!!!… Museum Night Website

Wow, what a fantastic, busy, sticky hot weekend i had!. Saturday was the mooiweerspelen (street theater) here in Delft. Sunday i went to the sunday-market in Amsterdam. followed by the Euro Etsy Team meet up. wow, what an inspiring way to end the weekend … meeting such talented, enthusiastic people! …will be making a short movie of mooiweerspelen very soon!.

Aerial Acrobats from Group Puja, K@smo, doing there thing above the crowd

Drink bar on the streets

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