By the end of the season 8 of Project Runway (besides imitating Tim Gunn’s famous line “Make it work” ) Gretchen Jones managed to get everyone’s attention. Her rocker chic bohemian style is super cool! I can imagine her apartment, a place to want to hang around for a while and check out all the details, the decorations, the mix-match accessories hanging around the place.

Photos by  for Yo can see the rest of the shoot here.

[ Photo by: Maurits Sillem/Getty Images, 2004 ]

Fashion legend, Italian journalist Anna Piaggi, was the very unique, original, eccentric fashion icons in my time. Sadly she passed away on Tuesday. She was 81. Her signature look was very flamboyant, theatrical and playful that matched her funky hats and somewhat blue hair.

[ Photo: Selecting images for Vogue Italia in 2004 ] …I love everything about this photo, the Art Nouveau backdrop and Anna Piaggi looking so impeccable while at work.

I remember seeing her year ago at the Sydney fashion week. At the time I was studying fashion and for someone like me who loves colour, mix and match clothing and texttures. I was in awe with her look, the most fascinating style I had ever come across. I was in my early 20s and felt so plain and borring 🙂 She would have been around 69 at the time.

In the fashion world, Anna Piaggi influenced so many people over such a long period. Here are a few sketches, illustrations by other Anna Piaggi fans.
“the original punk grandmother” Illustration by Joana Avilllez

Sketch book inspiration by unknown artist (at least to me)

[ Photo by: Wayne Stambler / Courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum, 1970, and illustration by Olga Martin ]

[ Source: Sketchbook Magazine ]

[ Source: Sketchbook Magazine ]

What are you wearing today? Go back in time and see more images of Anna Piaggi here.

[ Other source found via: lobra and miista ]

Time for some wild colours and who better to express this than German photographer, Madame Peripetie herself.  I find her work unusually beautiful and glad I came across her stuff at the Behance website. It’s all a bit weird and crazy, yet fun approach to high-fashion. The eccentric use of colour and the combination of fabrics, textures, prints, patterns – that fascinates me the most… Just about any of these shoots could be an album cover or photo shoot for Björk! Love to see that!

Curious to see some more? Check out Madame Peripetie website here.

Forget Gran’s stitching patterns and traditional ideas, instead go for the chic look! With lot’s of patience and care, hand-stitched vogue covers by Inge Jacobsen. I’m still wondering if she has just stitched over the actual vogue covers or fabric?  {Found via …: lostateminor }

Photos by: First of August

It’s been several days since my last post and now I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with ideas and pictures to share …will need to back track a bit on my last week and finds…but for now i’ll start with good old Amsterdam.

During the fashion week in Amsterdam in late January, for the first there was a new event. “Fur Free Exhibition” at De Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam (which reminds me that i should visit the botanical garden – apparently its one of the oldest botanic gardens in the world).  The event was for a good cause and positive message against the use of fur in the fashion industry. Although you can only see 2 design here, five outfits where created by Dutch designers and exhibited around the gardens, the greenhouse. You can see more photos of the event and explanation of the night here. There is also a video of the opening-night of the Fur Free Exhibition, you can see it here

When Craftsmanship meets Elegance you can’t help to appreciate the beautiful details. A mix of  South American influence and French luxury, I say dazzling!. New spring summer collection 2011 by Chilean fashion designer Octavio Pizarro…..: I can’t make up my mind which shawl, outfit i want – can i have all three! I love Shawls with silk tassels and the longer they are, the more desirable. But I don’t wear them enough or as much as i use to. A heavy woolly poncho is more like what i’ll be wearing for the next few months.

{source: Diane Pernet} {photo by: Michael Hemy}

To be honest, I don’t follow it religiously enough to write about Astrology, Zodiac, Start Signs…I’m scorpion (October 23 – November 21) I know that much and that my element is WATER, which I totally agree with. Among many many other things…I guess it intrigues me enough to include these whimsical Photos by Tim Gutt for the December British Vogue Star Sign spread…: Can you recognize your Star Sign? Is it a good interpretation of your Star Sign?

Above…: November, Scorpio in Altuzarra

Below…: December, Sagittarius in Givenchy


Whether or not the kaleidoscopic effect has been overused, it’s still cool! Everyone seems to continue to be inspired and enjoy getting lost in patterns, colours, the mirror or butterfly affect and create vibrant artworks. Here are a few images that i ran into while i started this whole them after watching the video Kirin Big In Japan….Enjoy! and hope it’s not too crazy for the eyes…

Photo by…: Nessa Kessinger

Illustration, Kaleidoscope, 2010…: byKevin Tran

ROC eyewear…: Illustration: Kelly Smith & Photography: Amanda Austin

By the fashion brand…: Smeilinener

By SmeilinenerAfter Glow, hand-cut paper on wood backing…:by Jen Stark

Technicolor prism, hand-cut paper on wood backing…:by Jen StarkKirin Big In Japan, 2010…: by Sydney Filmmaker Kiki Ohe

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres. ” — Pythagoras

Yes, these dresses are indeed wearable and look amazingly cool! Dress construction…: by Milan Senic / Photography: by Irfan Redzovic
Designed by…: Amila Hrustic

Installation…: by Mark Rumsey’s Box of Clouds in the dark, 2010

Antwerp, Antwerp … now what a great place to hang out on a sunny Saturday day. It was not my first time there, so it was really O.K. to just go there for a day trip. Yet you want to have more time to experience the city, see much more than just a small part of Antwerp … A weekend in Atwerp would be nice. As usual I love to just stroll down Nationalestraat street, admire the fashion scene … so it was a nice  surprise that I bumped into the ‘VITRINE Slow Fashion‘ exhibition that takes place from the 5th — 26th of June.Which means that shop windows as well as cultural-historical locations in Antwerp’s city centre will display some pretty funky, very clever installations. You can even follow a special map that highlights all 24 shops. For more details go to:

A peek of what you can expect …

Me trying to get a cool view of the shoes in the background

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