How did i never know about this? ‘Atelierroute’ (in Dutch), artist studios tour in Delft for two days, over the weekend. Apparently it’s been going on for years and i only just discovered it! The Foundation for Art Delft’s ‘Atelierroute’ allows the public the opportunity to visit the artist studios, some of them work from home of course. Meet the artists themselves, take a peek at their working space and ask questions! I didn’t see as much as i would have liked to but the idea is AWESOME!!! It’s just too bad that it’s only once a year!
… And for the boys, World record attempt, Heineken beer crate bridge in the centre of Delft.  Just imagine, 13.650 beer crates. 13.66 meters high… Except, i don’t get the point of going to all that trouble, just to build a beer crate bridge?

Photos from Saturdays trip to the Crystal Glass Art Show in Leerdam. There was so much variety in design, style, taste and a HUGE range of price tags!

Images from the crystal shop. For the ladies, high heels made from glass!

This bottom glass piece was funky. You could look through the glass and see people walk by and suddenly see them in more than three dimensions.

Then there was the tour around the Royal Leerdam workspace, I got to see the glass studio and how glass blowing works. It was not my first time but it’s always so impressive to watch.I will upload more photos (my favourites) but I hope you liked these glass pieces anyway!

I keep meaning to go back to this exhibition. Last time I was there, it was an overcast day so I didn’t hang around for too long. These enormous sculptures by various Chinese artists are displayed along lovely Lange Voorhout, The Hague till September 11, 2011

The exhibition is timed to coincide with the first Chinese emigrants setting foot in the Netherlands 100 years ago. This year’s event is presented under the title The Hague under the Heavens, referring to the Chinese Tian Xia or All under Heaven, one of the cornerstones of the Chinese Confucian world view.

This one is my favourite, its massive and so intriguing to everyone!

Artist ..: Yue Minjun, Flexible latitude

Say aaaah….yes, that is me in the photo!

Artist ..: Cang Xin, Hitting things just with Qi

Indeed its made in China! A 5 meters high red dinosaur, an enlargement of a toy figure. It refers to the Chinese mass production.

Artist ..: Sui Jianguo, Dinosaur amidst the wind

The object on show here is an old cardboard packing box with worn labels, battered and crushed at the corners, revealing its history.

Artist ..: Jiao Xingtao, Gift from Heaven

Still need to experience the big lamp during the night.

Artist ..: Jiao Xingtao, Gift from Heaven

{ for more information: The Hague under the Heavens }

Photos by: First of August

It’s been several days since my last post and now I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with ideas and pictures to share …will need to back track a bit on my last week and finds…but for now i’ll start with good old Amsterdam.

During the fashion week in Amsterdam in late January, for the first there was a new event. “Fur Free Exhibition” at De Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam (which reminds me that i should visit the botanical garden – apparently its one of the oldest botanic gardens in the world).  The event was for a good cause and positive message against the use of fur in the fashion industry. Although you can only see 2 design here, five outfits where created by Dutch designers and exhibited around the gardens, the greenhouse. You can see more photos of the event and explanation of the night here. There is also a video of the opening-night of the Fur Free Exhibition, you can see it here

Photos from Friday night of the first Museum Night in Delft. It was a windy, wet and very fun birthday night out. Manage to see so many art galleries in one night, that i didn’t even know existed here!…: Though the ride on the boat and the tuk-tuk along the canals was probably my highlight of the night….

What are you doing tomorrow?

Friday November 5 from 7 PM to midnight is the first “Museum Night in Delft”

Can you imagine….visiting a museum, a gallery late at night…or get to the main event via Tuk-Tuks…or with a canal boat!…It’s expected to be a spectacular cultural adventure…with live  performances throughout the historic centre…I certainly can’t wait. I’ve been to Rotterdam Museum Night a few years back but this is in my home town….What a way to celebrate my birthday!!!… Museum Night Website

You might have come across his work before, colourful portraits of women with dark oval eyes, lavish gowns and provocative poses…But does the name ‘Kees van Dongen’ ring a bell? Yes. Maybe, No? Dutch-born artist, Kees van Dogen was born 26 January 1877 in Delfshaven then on the outskirts of Rotterdam. I’ve been a big admirer of his work for a loooong time now. Yet strangely enough, I never connected his name – his exotic-looking paintings – or let alone that he was from Holland – at least not until a few years ago… duuuh!

At the moment there’s a special exhibition on the artist, here in Holland. The best part about it is that the paintings are back in his hometown, Rotterdam.  The exhibition “All Eyes on Kees van Dongen” showcases a selection of paintings, drawings, ceramics, posters and photographs.  Clearly showing his love for colour, women and exquisite eye for detail. After seeing his work for the first time, I’m even more fascinated with this artist. I have to add that I thought it was AWESOME because I came across some other painting of his that I’ve never knew about or just not the obvious vibrant paintings i.e. ‘Seated Woman’.

What also amazed me to discover was that so many of the masterpieces are privately owned. Imagine that! Having one of those gorgeous paintings hanging in your living room! I wish! Luckily I’m always going to be able to admire Potrait of Guus Preitinger since it’s belongs to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Kees van Dongen developed intense lush colours at an early stage in his career. He was a traveler who visited Spain, Morocco, Egypt and the more obvious destination, Paris! It’s no secret that Paris played a high point in his life. It was there where his success came through the controversial 1905 exhibition Salon d’Automne and helped launch the Fauvism (Wild Beast) short-lived group of painters which included, Henri Matisse.  Besides his beautiful oriental influence with decorative details, it’s his experimental style and intense use of colour that inspires me the most about this artist…Kees van Dongen (unlike Dutch-born artist Vincent van Gogh) gained a tremendous success (while he was alive) and lived a long fruitful lifestyle.

Kees van Dongen..: Potrait of Guus Preitinger (the artist’s wife), Oil Painting, 1910

Kees van Dongen..: Tango or Tango of the Archangel, Oil Painting, 1922-35

Kees van Dongen..: Woman with a Large Hat, Oil Painting, 1906

Kees van Dongen..: Seated Woman, Oil Painting, 1911

What do you think of his work? Have you seen his paintings or an exhibition on the artist before? Look forward to hearing from any of you…

Exhibition Information:

Boijmans van Beuningen Museum…: All Eyes on Kees van Dongen

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