Perhaps a DIY project for the weekend?

The interior of the living room makes me want to get creative. Find old stuff lying around and give them a second chance. So if you can get yourself to the beach, try to create a luminous,  DIY beach glass wind chimes to hang out your window or patio. Or a pretty DIY dreamcatcher using recycled material.

Let me know if you make one…have a good weekend!

Living room image via anthologymag  DIY dreamcatcher  wind chime 

Polyhedra Helmet made completely from 80gsm paper by Talia Jimenez for her university project. Who is Talia? Well, how long do you have? She is my beautiful and talented niece that will be visiting me very soon!.…Anyway, this is a stunning piece of art work that must have taken hours to just make one! It’s such a delicate piece of art work that i wished i could get closer to them to appreciate every little piece on its own. And search for my favourite, perhaps the butterfly print one? Or maybe I can borrow one?

Inspired by the Japanese animated film, The secret world of Arrietty. Talia had this to say about creating her project, “The task was to create a helmet for Arrietty to wear on her midnight excursion `above ground´ to the world of humans. It would need to protect her from the perils of small creatures who scuttle around in the dark. Arriety loves the garden and is always making the dangerous journey across the lawn to the bay leaf tree. She often carries leaves able her head to act as a camouflage. She would need a helmet to camouflage her from the whooping magpies above and the prying eyes of humans.”

Oh I really would like to have a couple of them and place them between one of my plants – just in case Arrietty comes for a visit and needs protection!. I love the concept! ….What are your thought?

The Secret World of Arrietty, Kari-gurashi no Arietti, original title (Karigurashi means borrower in Japanese) Written by Hayao Miyazaki (creator of Spirited Away) and Keiko Niwa, based on the novel The Borrowers by Mary Norton. Directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi.

Curious to see the movie now? Discover Arriettys world here: YouTube Trailer

{ Polyhedra Paper Helmet Photos by Talia Jimenez, 2012 }

Perhaps not the prettiest, fanciest Christmas Tree skirt, but I have to say, what a very healthy looking Christmas tree. I love the rusty background too – this photo….this tree has so much potential. Where can I find one like that?

Easy and simple Christmas ornaments to inspire you and get you creative…: From left to right:

Plant a Christmas mini pine tree…: Handmade wooden Christmas tree on a picture frame found via  pinterest..: Odd-ball Christmas ornaments, gather together as a centrepiece found here...: DIY bare Christmas stick found via sweet paul.

I bought myself a new journal today, to fill it up with a project i have in mind. It’s not as beautiful as the books below or handmade, but the front cover design is perfect for the subject, the ideas i hope to write about. Ooh i love new books and fresh blank pages! I can’t wait to get started…
This is just a story, handmade book found via wildolive blogspot Lovely colours and textures, quilt journal by Rebecca Sower (via flicrk)

Colourful front covers found via papery and cakery website handmade printed book cover with a soft quilted material, esty store, liontailpress.

Recyclart is a really great website to inspire you and get you in the mood to recycle things (trash!) you thought you would never need to see again … Such as a license plate into a fruit bowl (see above)You’ll find quirky, strange, useful, cool products – made from recycling, reusing, up-cycling materials … You can even find tips and links to the original artworks – to help you get started on your next ‘eco friendly’ project! I just love the idea, the challenge of reusing a material (trash!) and transforming it into one-of-a-kind, treasure!

As you can see, creative recycling is not only a second-hand art, but rather, it’s a lifestyle indeed … Recycled book bench, LP book and magazine rack made with bicycle inner tubes!
How about, recycled cinder blocks for the garden?!{ all images found via Recyclart }

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