TEDxDelft will make sure to keep you young and inspired!

Just 1 days left till TedxDelft gets underway and I am so excited to be part of this very inspiring event! It will be a full day of BIG ideas, inspiration going on in little Delft.

So follow me Friday 5 October on twitter @susimenez as I live blog, tweet, film at the TEDxDelft.

This year TEDxDelft theme is ‘never grow up‘. Never stop asking questions, never stop wondering, always think of other ways to face challenges, always question why things are the way they are, keep wondering, keep on learning, always stay young, never stop dreaming, never stop doing, creativity by playing, work=play, gamification, living the dream, what do you mean, this cannot be done…inspired by Peter Pan

To give you a sneak peek of the line up, here are a few names I will be live blogging about.:

Pim van den Akker, Making everyday life extraordinary (presentation time: 12:42)

If you are into design, you don’t want to miss this presentation by the very talented Pim van den Akker. A Dutch designer who published his first book as his final thesis and then it went on to become an international best seller. Besides been recognized for his amazing floral design, he is also a furniture and lighting designer. I will be watching this presentation!

Arend Schwab – Why bicycles do not fall over (presentation time: 15:07)

Since I am not Dutch, but I do love riding my bicycle as my main mode of transportation in the city of Delft. I am sure there is more to discover about bicycle and why Dutch people can’t live without them.

Arend Schwab runs the bicycle mechanics lab and teaches mechanics at the Delft University of Technology. He has given academic talks related to his area of expertise in various universities all over the world. However, the concept of TED is relatively new to him.

Tom de Bruyne – I hate advertising and that’s why I’m in advertising (presentation time: 16:29)

Advertising is good and bad. How can I resist from such a title? Especially since I have worked in an advertising agency in Amsterdam and you can’t ignore that advertising is everywhere these days. Looking forward to sharing Toms presentation on advertising.

Tom de Bruyne, originally from Belgium, he studied clinical psychology, who ended up in the advertising world. He is passionate about making stuff with the ambition to excite people. Tom is founder and director at SUE Amsterdam, a start-up with the ambition to become an international creative agency for the digital era.

Spinvis – Cut up mini film stories disguised as pop songs (presentation time: 17:06)

Do not ask what the title means. I think we just have to listen to him and will figure it out by the end of his presentation. Erik de Jong, is better known as Spinvis, a one-man show using experimental and lo-fi (low fidelity) music. And has had great success in his home country, Holland… I don’t know if there will be much to blog about him during his presentation but I am sure it will be worth listening to while you are online.

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Be inspired. Stay young with the live blog coverage of the TEDxDelft live, Friday 5 October.

Over the weekend, the city of Delft (and around Holland) opened its door to the public for the event, Open Monument Day (open monumentedag in Dutch). It’s the only opportunity to see and discover historical buildings that are not normally open for the public.

I venture out into little Delft on both Saturday and Sunday. It´s hard to see everything, even if you have two days. The weather was unbelievably gorgeous that it was so hard to stay inside for too long. I discovered new places and revisited familiar places too. The water tower (see above images) gave me a new perspective of Delft, that I never seen before. I also noticed how green Delft is!

Inside the very spacious and beautiful, Oude Kerk (Old Church).

You can see the old church, sticking out in the back of the photo.

It was a hot day and these boys were having so much fun jumping off the bridge, into the canals.

If people were not swimming in the canals, they were sitting on the terrace.

Above and below, images of the Gemeente (town hall) It’s quite a small place but a charming building.

Remonstrantse Kerk (hidden church) the cutest church in Delft, secretly hidden away.

[ All photos by.: Susan Jimenez ]

So I leave you with the best secret treasure that I discovered on Sunday. It’s hidden away, outside the main centre of Delft. A great place to visit for a peaceful day out. If you are searching for a break from the city, and feel like being surrounded by nature, this is the place. Kruithuis (gun power tower) build around 1659  – I took plenty of photos of this secret spot, but will share it some other time. For now, this green Delft.

After dinner tonight, we had a walk a little walk around Delft. The light and the clouds were especially gorgeous. Most of the streets were very quiet. Yet everyone was enjoying the last hour of the sun, sitting outside having a drink. Or doing last minute preparations for tomorrows …. Big ORANGE celebration, Queens day, koninginnedag in Dutch.

Every two years a special group of volunteer workers from Filmhuis Lumen (showcases independent and foreign films) in Delft puts together a special Spanish and Portuguese Film Festival, Festibérico. You can expect to see directors, producers, actors for Q&A and listen to live music. Tonight is the opening night and as a volunteer worker at Filmhuis Lumen, I’ll be there tonight!!!  

For more Information..: Go to the Festibérico website.

About two years ago while unemployed I was traveling from Delft to The Hague to meet other professional expats seeking for work or to attend a career coach day. Or I would also attend entrepreneur meetings (once a month) for Dutch creative’s in Rotterdam. Always saying to myself, we need one in Delft! … Then I met again with my friend Lucie at my evening Dutch classes. After our classes I would walk home with her and tell her about my ideas, over this and that and how I would like to start a professional networking group for expats in Delft. I could see it really working out. Though I had no idea how or where to start?!

But I knew I was in good hands – Lucie been nominated twice for expat of the year awards, for her work with Delft Mama. And besides that, she is always willing to share her knowledge in business consultancy. …Well, somehow she liked the idea and started to network and found five other professional ladies who also found it interesting.

Fast forward to a year later, we lost two original members in the group. But now with have the perfect number of “5” awesome professional ladies, each with their own strength, talents and professional background. We are Delft INA, the first English-speaking professional non-profit organization for the international community in Delft.  So I’ve been so busy creating the brand identity for Delft INA, the logo, the flyer, the website (together with Molly). So far we are getting lot of support around us and on Wednesday we are having the official launch! …It’s so exciting to finally get Delft INA running and share my excitement here!.

The International Networking Association (INA) aim is to help other expats from all background and provide sources for those who are looking for work, starting their own business or business networking. We will also provide workshops with special guests and one-on-one meeting with the Executive Board members for a free 30 minute consultation session. That might sound fancy, but indeed we have fantastic team. My creative expertise include video online, photography, design and social media consultancy, and all the wonderful things in between!

For more information please go to the Delft INA website…

NEW Post Update!!!  It was a very successful event and we received positive feedback and lot’s of enthusiasms from the locals and international people living in Delft! Above is a few PHOTOS from the Launch Event from the 4th of April. See the rest of the images here.

Sunday was my first day of Ice Skating after two years! I was really looking forward to it. But as i made my way through the snowy bumps and on to the smooth ice, i heard some crackling sounds of ice!!!. Nothing happened, just a normal thing that you might hear over the frozen canals!

It was so quite around Delft Zuid, a short 5km ride from my place. The ice was new and smooth. However, Ice skating can be challenging if you are not Dutch and you didn’t grow up doing it at such a young age. You need to work on your balance, dealing with frozen toes, very cold wind on your face, climbing over walking path bridges and skating under bridges, just to name a few. But once i got my momentum going, i picked up some speed, it feels fantastic. But OK, that only lasts for two minutes and then Rutger gives me a push….and off i am again! Lol!!!.

Crazy guy above trying out Kite Ice-Skating. Now, he was all over the place, not so smooth.

Rutger, showing me how its done, he is such a pro at one-foot glides!

On the way back, i was not at all confident about skating under this (very low) bridge. So, i took my time and a tall man (skating at a good pace) squeezed in before me – went under and hit his head on the steel piece of the bridge!!! It was bad. The poor man’s head was bleeding really hard. I could not believe what just had happened, so i can’t even imagine what he felt!. At that stage, i skated on my bum under the bridge and called it a day.

Skating in -10 degrees outside, with toes that feel like they might drop off… Just doesn’t feel normal, or right anymore. But everyone else is out there!. How do they handel the cold?

Later, the short 5km bike ride back home became my biggest nightmare, and the worst cold experience in my life. A little dramatic it may sound, but it WAS. Freezing weather and skating does not come natural to me, but it’s a very special thing to experience.…AND i will be back out again tomorrow 😉

How did i never know about this? ‘Atelierroute’ (in Dutch), artist studios tour in Delft for two days, over the weekend. Apparently it’s been going on for years and i only just discovered it! The Foundation for Art Delft’s ‘Atelierroute’ allows the public the opportunity to visit the artist studios, some of them work from home of course. Meet the artists themselves, take a peek at their working space and ask questions! I didn’t see as much as i would have liked to but the idea is AWESOME!!! It’s just too bad that it’s only once a year!
… And for the boys, World record attempt, Heineken beer crate bridge in the centre of Delft.  Just imagine, 13.650 beer crates. 13.66 meters high… Except, i don’t get the point of going to all that trouble, just to build a beer crate bridge?

I believe these are the last photos from the Antique Markets in Delft, for 2011. I hope I am wrong because I fell in love with an art nouveau bronze sculpture!

The antique markets are held every Saturday between mid-April to the end of September. The stores are spread out throughout one side of the city centre, but it takes some time to get around all of them. If you are in no rush, you won’t mind the crowd.

Last Saturday I finally made sometime to look around – I usually ride by (on my way to the fruit markets) and don’t bother to stop. But, the day was gorgeous and three hours flew by, which means I had the chance to take some great shots…

It’s impressive and overwhelming what you can find at the antique markets. The above art nouveau bronze sculpture was by far one of my favourite things that i noticed. Unfortunately, it was waaaaay over my budget…  How about a kees van Dongen lithoprint from 1957. Yes, please!!! Oh, wait. It 370 Euros.

More paintings, some of which are replicas – the girl with a pearl earring. That is so Delft!Jewels! What lady isn’t fascinated by beautiful jewels

Maybe it helps if you know what you are after or hopping to find. Otherwise, your eyes wonder of and get confused, in the wonderful antique madness of old and new and can’t decide anymore… Ha ha , that’s what happened to me!

I bought some little goodies, nothing spectacular like an art nouveau bronze sculpture!

The only sad part (of the end of the antique markets in Delft) is that…Once the antique market season is gone, it becomes a real indication that summer has left us (me) and time to move onto to Autumn!

Last weekend photos of the Jazz festival in Delft. It was a fun vibrant weekend of three days of Jazz. The wide range of music styles was a nice big surprise, it wasnt just the traditional Jazz style that i love. The atmosphere was fantastic, twenty stages spread around the streets, squares, cafes. It wasn’t as crowded as it may sound, people seemed happy, chilling outside under the warm sun, and later under the stars, socializing while eating, drinking and dancing … My poor little feet didn’t get tired of dancing, but rather by having to walk from one stage to the other – searching for the right sounds to satisfy me and to say, yeah, that sounds good!

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