There is always a room in your house that could do with a makeover, right?

It’s almost the end of the Woonbeurs Amsterdam  (interior Design fair), Sunday, 30 September is the last day. It’s a six-day event of interior design inspiration, ideas and trends. Unfortunately, I am not able attend the fair. So, to keep me (and you) updated and inspired, here are the latest images I found from one of the best Dutch interior magazine vtwonen.

[ images found via vtwonen] 


TIKAU means sustainable and durable in Hindi. TIKAU is a finnish company that has a passion to help encourage and maintain traditional handicraft in Indian villages by working together and employing people there. … The products are beautiful, natural and I love the idea that if you buy a product from the TIKAU you are supporting sustainable development in India!.

Find out more about TIKAU Share project here: Design Helps Living Room is a Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 event, demonstrating and generating ideas about the ways that design can bring about well-being. The Living Room will present various other cases of how design can be applied to the empowerment and sustainable development of under-privileged communities.

[ images and source Tikau website ]

After the success of the first pop-up store by Studio 2010 last year. Studio 2010 (by Denise Rontberg and Melanie Haaksma) was back in Delft for one month only. Fortunately, I made it to the  last day, in time to check it out.

A very spacious place with a cool mix of then and now, vintage industrial interior. Lots of accessories, handmade jewellery, unique handbags and vibrant little pieces spread out the room.

Love the wall piece (and the pink cupboard) above, both are so vibrant!

Let´s hope they will be back soon! … Pop over to see more of Studio 2010

[ photos by Susan Jimenez ]

There was so much hype around the film The Descendants, that i decided to check it out. It was OK. Beautiful Mr. Clooney was good but Shailene Woodley was fantastic in it – first time i see her act. It was surprisingly funny at times and there were some very beautiful scenes of overcast, rainy Hawaii. Unfortunately, the story didn’t quite grab me – i seemed more interested in the sets, the classic Hawaiian style homes…and wishing i had a tropical Hawaiian place…

I LOVE Hawaiian style, it’s like a mix of fresh, modern style with new and old things and lot of art  hangings on the wall or as a center piece. I see lot of contrast in texture, individual pieces, plenty of wood art (you got to have a long board) and bright colours. Both pictures above, inspire me to go out and look for tropical (floral) fabric to cover up my boring poor couch.

How about a surf shack at the back of the house? It looks so cosy and cute.

And since i can’t grow a palm tree in the city of Delft. A painting with a palm tree in it will do thank you!!

{ source.: All home interior photos found via houzz — Old Photo of hula girl found via all posters
Two tropical Hawaiian paintings by Danny Braddix and Hawaiian tropical road painting found  here. }

It’s been sometime since my last post. But sometimes busy days, new changes in life can take over inspiration. Today, i have something to share…..As i awoke to the beginning of my Sunday morning, i looked out my window — surprisingly very sunny out and warm. A few thoughts popped into my head that stayed with me for the rest of the day. Spring is slowly shinning through, yeaiii! — time to change my bedroom curtains and i would really love to find a summery duvet cover.

Simplicity is a good start. Love the red embroidery bed cover — oh red! you are always my first choice, via digma and i need a beautiful painting, hanging above my bed, via bolig pluss.

But then i see the colour yellow and it makes me happy just looking at it  — i wonder if i would wake up every morning EXTRA happy having a yellow duvet cover over me? Aaaah i can say yes any day to modern bohemian style, specially when it looks so effortlessly and bright. Love the jewelry, the butterfly details via havenspie and coco+kelly.

Lovely room for a lady, not sure if i could convince my man to go for the look though? lace curtain is a great idea via, msmuse olive-green room inspiration via, pinkwallpaper.

I’ll take that gorgeous blue/purple velvet bed cover! Spring, winter anytime of the year, will always look cool and so right in a bedroom, via from scandinavian with love and the roses found via pinterest.

Now that i’ve found some colourful and diverse inspiration  — let’s see what my bedroom looks like but summer time!!!

For some little eye candy inspiration, Swedish interior stylist and set designer Lo Bjurulf is the woman to discover here. I first came across her work (the pink room, see last image below) a while back last year without knowing who she was. Then just recently via a danish website (that i am sorry i can’t remember!) had a post on her work and a link to her portfolio at agent bauery.

After spending so much time admiring the room settings, the fabrics, looking into all the details, I found it difficult  to select just a few photographs from her portfolio. I particular like both the above and below photographs, both styles are very pretty and a little girly – love the frills, the couch, the different types of fabrics. And the set up of this lovely tea tray.
How can you not like this great spacious PINK room? It’s eye candy living, its fun and I would love to see the other rooms too!
{images: agent bauery}

Perhaps not the prettiest, fanciest Christmas Tree skirt, but I have to say, what a very healthy looking Christmas tree. I love the rusty background too – this photo….this tree has so much potential. Where can I find one like that?

Easy and simple Christmas ornaments to inspire you and get you creative…: From left to right:

Plant a Christmas mini pine tree…: Handmade wooden Christmas tree on a picture frame found via  pinterest..: Odd-ball Christmas ornaments, gather together as a centrepiece found here...: DIY bare Christmas stick found via sweet paul.

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