Last weekend photos of the Jazz festival in Delft. It was a fun vibrant weekend of three days of Jazz. The wide range of music styles was a nice big surprise, it wasnt just the traditional Jazz style that i love. The atmosphere was fantastic, twenty stages spread around the streets, squares, cafes. It wasn’t as crowded as it may sound, people seemed happy, chilling outside under the warm sun, and later under the stars, socializing while eating, drinking and dancing … My poor little feet didn’t get tired of dancing, but rather by having to walk from one stage to the other – searching for the right sounds to satisfy me and to say, yeah, that sounds good!


I keep meaning to go back to this exhibition. Last time I was there, it was an overcast day so I didn’t hang around for too long. These enormous sculptures by various Chinese artists are displayed along lovely Lange Voorhout, The Hague till September 11, 2011

The exhibition is timed to coincide with the first Chinese emigrants setting foot in the Netherlands 100 years ago. This year’s event is presented under the title The Hague under the Heavens, referring to the Chinese Tian Xia or All under Heaven, one of the cornerstones of the Chinese Confucian world view.

This one is my favourite, its massive and so intriguing to everyone!

Artist ..: Yue Minjun, Flexible latitude

Say aaaah….yes, that is me in the photo!

Artist ..: Cang Xin, Hitting things just with Qi

Indeed its made in China! A 5 meters high red dinosaur, an enlargement of a toy figure. It refers to the Chinese mass production.

Artist ..: Sui Jianguo, Dinosaur amidst the wind

The object on show here is an old cardboard packing box with worn labels, battered and crushed at the corners, revealing its history.

Artist ..: Jiao Xingtao, Gift from Heaven

Still need to experience the big lamp during the night.

Artist ..: Jiao Xingtao, Gift from Heaven

{ for more information: The Hague under the Heavens }

I got some additional photos to share with you (from last Saturday) Queen’s Day celebration in Amsterdam….People selling old goods, entertaining the crowd by dancing, singing and cooking while wearing something fun and funky….a mix of images of a real good day out!Above, left photo shows four irresistible boys charging as little as 30 cent euro coins (€0.30) to pay the ladies a compliment! Now that’s original, super cute and very clever of the boys. Of course the ladies loved it!Above photo, are orange paper wishes on the wall from individual people…These last three photos tell the story of Saturdays late afternoon vibe….people, dogs chilling out and watching everyone else walk by…

I know that most of the times i see a painting that i love, i need to get that close to it, that i’m glad i have a small nose!. Doing that makes me think that i’ll get a new understanding of the painting and the artist….Below are a mix of photos i took from various museums in Rotterdam.Close up photo of the painting/collage of actual paper cut-outs from magazines of people skiing! From the distance it looks like small stripes of something. Love the idea!Now, let me have some fun with the following photo – the do’s and dont’s at a museum. Most people would agree that small space lets art goers get up close and intimate with the artwork. But in this case its different. Every time i look at this picture, i think its hilarious! I was standing there for a while confused with what she was doing – no, its no car racing Nintendo Wii game! She’s in fact sending a (very important if you ask her) sms while standing right in front of the painting. Clearly oblivious that people are right behind – on the side waiting politely for her to get out the way. I was just glad i wasn’t the artist, that wouldn’t be a good sign…he he he yep, you’ll always find some interesting characters at museums.I thought this was a very cool instillation. You can see the video image – top left hand side (left image)….The other image on the right is a drawing of two hands grabbing onto actual string/ rope – that connects the drawing and screen image on the wall. Cool right?!I like the way this photo turned out. You can see shadows of people through the woods – as if its part of the painting. However, its the reflection of people standing around the room.Above, hands up in the air mirror artwork, creates an illusion that there’s more than one person
Above, some cool black and white artworks of local artist in Holland.

It’s Australia Day today! A nation public holiday, a day tribute to everything that is great about Australia and being Australian. Sure it’s about the day the anniversary of the arrival of the first white settlement in Australia in 1778. But today we can’t ignore the fact that it was also the day that Australia’s Aboriginal community were invaded by the British on that day in 1788. Having said that, it’s a reason to weave together the past and present of a great land and its people. So, it’s officially a day off to have fun, have a party with friends and family, and check out all the live events going on during the day!

A year ago I was back there, celebrating the day under the hot sun…There is so much going on Australia day that i wouldn’t know what to suggest what to do or see! You have to see it for yourself. Though I can guarantee there is something for everyone. Aussies love to have fun, party, hang out the beach, have a BBQ with family and dress up and make an effort to look silly! Hope you like the photos.There’s another reason why I love Australia day and that is due to THE BIG SWIM. A swimming event around the corner where I grew up from (see the photos below) It’s a local event held on the Australian Day weekend. The course runs for about 2.5 km. The swim starts straight out from Palm Beach, parallel to the coastline, around a little head and into the center of Whale Beach. I’ve done it more than 6 times now and  it’s tough since the weather conditions can vary. Though the experience is AMAZING!!! I hope to do it next year! {All photos by me except the last photo, found via the big swim website}

A few weeks ago on November 2, Andy Irons, three-time world champion surfer passed away unexpectedly at the age of 32. Friends, fans and admires came together around the world, for an honorary paddle-out to pay tribute to his legacy. One of the locations was at my home-town surfing spot, Avalon. It’s a gorgeous little beach that draws great surfers…and where I use to hang out ALL the time after school, every chance I got, back in the old days. So it means a lot to me to see these photos and footage below…it’s very sad but at the same time, it must of have been a truly magical experience…: Photos from Tracks Magazine

And last  Sunday, November 14, Family, friends and fans came together at Andy Irons home-town, Kauai  in Hawaii, to paddle out and join hands to pay tribute (a Hawaiian tradition) and say their last goodbyes. Andy is survived by his very pregnant wife Lyndie, his brother Bruce and his parents…I think its amazing the impact it has brought…the unity, the love and the Aloha Spirit from surfers around the world in times of need….peace x

Music…: by State Of Grace, Sooner or Later, 1994

I honestly never heard of St. Martin Day celebrated 11 November, until after living in Holland for a few years. And still then, it’s not that popular for Dutch people. Also my partner is not religious, so he didn’t grow up with the saintly tradition. It’s popular in the north part of Holland and definitely more so in Germany….:The idea is for kids to make a unique hand paper lanterns, get together with all the other kids (and parents) and come knocking on your door and sing to you some St. Martin songs. In return you give them lollies (candy).

Fortunately, this year I was prepared and bought enough sweets to supply because a few years back i got a suprise when i opened the front door and had no clue why children were singing to me!. Anyway, the mum’s around my neighbour organized the night for their kids, which i think is really sweet since not all parents take part…Though the weather that night got everyone talking, it was incredibly WINDY and raining cats and dogs! Luckily that didn’t stop the mum’s on our neighbourhood to go out in that type of wether with their very enthusiastic kiddies…: I think of St. Martin Day, Halloween in Holland without the dress-up costumes. Instead, kids make a unique paper lantern and sing to you, in for hope to recive something sweet, more lollies than they can eat in one go!. Either way, its a fun tradition.

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