The Colosseum

Woody Allen on the set in magical Rome directing his latest movie, To Rome With Love

Trevi Fountain, aaaw my favourite fountain to hang out and dream away…

Love the backdrop here with the lovely Alessandra Mastronardi (Milly)

The Spanish Steps

Reading the Writing on Pomeii´s Walls

I find Jesse Eisenberg (Jack) a perfect fit for Woody Allen’s film. His like the younger modern version of Woody Allen.

[ Images via virtual history ]

After my love for Woody Allens film Midnight in Paris – on the contrary – I had absolutely no expectations for his latest film To Rome With Love. I went to see the movie with the idea of wanting to listen to some Italian, see and experience Italy all over again. The cast is great, but it was Penelope Cruz that made it easy for me to decide to see this film.

Although the film is somewhat predictable and silly at times, still, it made me laugh and enjoy my night out. I know I was not the only one. It also took me back to my first time in Italy, the year of 1993. I was seventeen then, travelling with my brother and his girlfriend (at the time, who remains a very close friend of mine) all through Italy, and I feel in love, with the Renaissance art.

If you want to enjoy the film, I suggest you don’t compare it to Midnight in Paris. Instead, just enjoy the scenery, the iconic backdrops of magical Rome. Escape from reality while you enjoy watching Woody Allen back on the big screen again….If you have seen the film, did it also make you want to hop on the next plane and go to Rome, Italy?

Twenty-five years on and Paul Simon is back into my life! He is performing tonight (as I write) in Amsterdam. Such a shame I am not there, but lucky for me, I got to the chance to watch the film on TV last night and I can not stop thinking about it… Paul Simon is now 70yrs old and still singing in tune — just like I remember.

Under African Skies, is a new documentary celebrating the 25th anniversary of Paul Simon’s beloved album, ‘Graceland’. The film is a musical journey, that reunites Paul with the original band members in South Africa. Racial and political problems tensions also plays a major role in the film.

BUT it’s the magic of the music — the collaborative effort between Paul Simon and the South African musicians — that inspired me the most. I felt bewitched by the end of the film, by the exquisite voices of the cappella group, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, “Homeless” — That explains why I included the precious photo of the little girl (see above picture) praying/singing. So sooth your soul and see the documentary.

If you are located in Holland, you can watch the full length documentary here
[ Images from left to right.: via here and here ]

TIKAU means sustainable and durable in Hindi. TIKAU is a finnish company that has a passion to help encourage and maintain traditional handicraft in Indian villages by working together and employing people there. … The products are beautiful, natural and I love the idea that if you buy a product from the TIKAU you are supporting sustainable development in India!.

Find out more about TIKAU Share project here: Design Helps Living Room is a Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 event, demonstrating and generating ideas about the ways that design can bring about well-being. The Living Room will present various other cases of how design can be applied to the empowerment and sustainable development of under-privileged communities.

[ images and source Tikau website ]

Beautiful evening images during the Liberation evening concert, together with Queen Beatrix on the Amster River. Well, of course i couldn’t see Queen Beatrix but i heard she was there!. May 5, Liberation Day ( Bevrijdingsdag in Dutch) is a very special day in The Netherlands as it marks the end of World War II, 67 years since Germany surrendered at the end of World War II. …Peace, freedom and unity, It’s worth celebrating!

This was my first time in Amsterdam on Liberation Day and I’m glad i went. The atmosphere was easy-going but energetic and peaceful. Lot’s of music, festival going around and markets to check out during the day – all spread throughout the city of Amsterdam.

More photos of the day concerts and markets to be posted tomorrow. Till then, sending you peaceful vibes…xx

I believe these are the last photos from the Antique Markets in Delft, for 2011. I hope I am wrong because I fell in love with an art nouveau bronze sculpture!

The antique markets are held every Saturday between mid-April to the end of September. The stores are spread out throughout one side of the city centre, but it takes some time to get around all of them. If you are in no rush, you won’t mind the crowd.

Last Saturday I finally made sometime to look around – I usually ride by (on my way to the fruit markets) and don’t bother to stop. But, the day was gorgeous and three hours flew by, which means I had the chance to take some great shots…

It’s impressive and overwhelming what you can find at the antique markets. The above art nouveau bronze sculpture was by far one of my favourite things that i noticed. Unfortunately, it was waaaaay over my budget…  How about a kees van Dongen lithoprint from 1957. Yes, please!!! Oh, wait. It 370 Euros.

More paintings, some of which are replicas – the girl with a pearl earring. That is so Delft!Jewels! What lady isn’t fascinated by beautiful jewels

Maybe it helps if you know what you are after or hopping to find. Otherwise, your eyes wonder of and get confused, in the wonderful antique madness of old and new and can’t decide anymore… Ha ha , that’s what happened to me!

I bought some little goodies, nothing spectacular like an art nouveau bronze sculpture!

The only sad part (of the end of the antique markets in Delft) is that…Once the antique market season is gone, it becomes a real indication that summer has left us (me) and time to move onto to Autumn!

My favourite discovery this week so far! I really love the combination of the girls gentle and peaceful spirit, the nature and dream-like paintings by modern Chinese artist, Wang Yi Guang.
Wang Yi Guang recent works are inspired by the humble beauty of the local Tibetan culture, landscape and Tibetans way of life; their respect for the environment and nature, as well as their optimistic approach to life, have provided an infinite source of inspiration to his body of work. His fond memories of Tibet – particularly catching sight of young girls running and laughing across the magnificent Tibetan plains, their sheep and cattle in tow – remind the artist that “Feitain” (or flying Devi, a mystical character, which is primarily found in the murals at Dunhuang and in sculptural forms in a handful of cave grottoes in China) does exist in life. The colours and detail work on these costumes are so beautiful. Everything is so surreal and gentle – happy flying girls through the air – who have a special bond with the wild animals, the yaks and sheep … I love that!

{ image source..: Schoeni or see more Wang Yi Guang paintings here }

Two totally different videos that for some reason i thought it would fit nicely here… Both such a cool idea and AWESOME editing!

100 YEARS OF FASHION IN 100 SECONDS..: It starts with the two dancers waltz, jive and rave their way through the decades. In everything from flapper frocks (think Daisy in The Great Gatsby) … 1950s fashion, glamour and the defined waist line (think Grace Kelly in Rear Window) … the Swinging Sixties, bright colors and geometric prints (Sienna Miller in Factory Girl) … loved the hippie era, who can forget the 80s, and then came along ravers, grunge, anything goes style, to 2011. …What’s your favourite year? I’m torn between 20s, 30s and 60s. I’d say another era tomorrow!

MOVE..: 3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food…into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films = a trip of a lifetime!

Last weekend photos of the Jazz festival in Delft. It was a fun vibrant weekend of three days of Jazz. The wide range of music styles was a nice big surprise, it wasnt just the traditional Jazz style that i love. The atmosphere was fantastic, twenty stages spread around the streets, squares, cafes. It wasn’t as crowded as it may sound, people seemed happy, chilling outside under the warm sun, and later under the stars, socializing while eating, drinking and dancing … My poor little feet didn’t get tired of dancing, but rather by having to walk from one stage to the other – searching for the right sounds to satisfy me and to say, yeah, that sounds good!

I keep meaning to go back to this exhibition. Last time I was there, it was an overcast day so I didn’t hang around for too long. These enormous sculptures by various Chinese artists are displayed along lovely Lange Voorhout, The Hague till September 11, 2011

The exhibition is timed to coincide with the first Chinese emigrants setting foot in the Netherlands 100 years ago. This year’s event is presented under the title The Hague under the Heavens, referring to the Chinese Tian Xia or All under Heaven, one of the cornerstones of the Chinese Confucian world view.

This one is my favourite, its massive and so intriguing to everyone!

Artist ..: Yue Minjun, Flexible latitude

Say aaaah….yes, that is me in the photo!

Artist ..: Cang Xin, Hitting things just with Qi

Indeed its made in China! A 5 meters high red dinosaur, an enlargement of a toy figure. It refers to the Chinese mass production.

Artist ..: Sui Jianguo, Dinosaur amidst the wind

The object on show here is an old cardboard packing box with worn labels, battered and crushed at the corners, revealing its history.

Artist ..: Jiao Xingtao, Gift from Heaven

Still need to experience the big lamp during the night.

Artist ..: Jiao Xingtao, Gift from Heaven

{ for more information: The Hague under the Heavens }

I got some additional photos to share with you (from last Saturday) Queen’s Day celebration in Amsterdam….People selling old goods, entertaining the crowd by dancing, singing and cooking while wearing something fun and funky….a mix of images of a real good day out!Above, left photo shows four irresistible boys charging as little as 30 cent euro coins (€0.30) to pay the ladies a compliment! Now that’s original, super cute and very clever of the boys. Of course the ladies loved it!Above photo, are orange paper wishes on the wall from individual people…These last three photos tell the story of Saturdays late afternoon vibe….people, dogs chilling out and watching everyone else walk by…

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