surfing[ Photographer: César Ancelle-Hansen ]

balck and white[ Photo of longboard rider found via: here. … Beautiful air shot photo of the ocean found via here ]

[ Washed out, ocean surf photo found via here ]

Ocean images I spotted a few months back and they seem to fit well together. ….We’ve been having gorgeous summer day these past few weeks. There has been no surf, it is summer after all. So not sure why I wanted so long to try (standing up paddling). Of course i L O V E it, and I am so addicted to it that 2 hours out in the sea, makes me feel complete.

Like I was saying the other day, unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture the beautiful fluffy white clouds wondering across the blue sky because I didn’t have my camera with me! So this time I went outside WITH my camera and took some snaps …
A gorgeous, quiet day at the beach of Scheveningen while watching the surfing school out in the water and listening to the seagulls.
A popular hang-out spot by the two (cute little green and red) harbour lights. It’s always a lovely walk around there.

Finally, I made the effort to head out and catch some nice rides today. Sure it was busy out  in the surf, the swell was good and everyone always wants to be at the right spot – in hope to catch the perfect wave. But that was no distraction for me to enjoy the sun  in my face while been in the water again. Eventually, I paddled my way to a quitter spot where it felt like I had the sea to myself … love that feeling! Getting washed in the waves, having sore arms (from the paddling)  or jumping into the cold water is ALWAYS worth it!

{Photos by Dane Peterson,  David Greg & Keegan Gibbs}

I was going through some photos when i noticed the snowy photos from last December – when it was a beautiful white world here. The photos are of The Hague on a early Sunday morning around the city, the woods and the beach in Scheveningen.  Two crazy guys were surfing, a girl was walking her horse on the beach and another guy was kite surfing on the snow….I also made a short video of the day it self…but didn’t mange to film for too long because  it was that COLD to keep taking my gloves off to press the record button!

AMAZING Photographer and designer based in New Zealand has made my day! His name is Andrew and specializes in contemporary photography under the name Cuba Gallery. You can admire his work on flickr or you can also visit his online gallery. There you can find information on Adobe Lightroom presets, and tutorials, go here. Unfortunately the downloads for the tutorials are not for free – but they are also not expensive. I have to say, just by studying the original photo and the after shot, and comparing them both. It completely blew me away how beautiful his photos are and how awesome it would be to learn how to manipulate my images…..hmmm will see! The small landscape photo on the right is the original photo – looking a bit plain, still nice though!

Below is the after shot of New Zealand beach landscape…:Bali, IndonesiaSomewhere in CubaNotice the sky in the background? On the original photo, there is no sky – just a white wall!

Zeeland {meaning sea-land) in south of Holland on a very freezing sunday afternoon, before it stared to snow! The landscape was beautiful and peaceful. It was exceptionally cold and icy that you could skate over the sand…something too look forward, ice-sakting over the canals!

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