Breeze (2008), and La Chambre Rose (2003), Oil on canvas by Xi Pan from China.

This might be the first time you come across Xi Pan’s paintings .. it’s my first time too. Pan’s striking portraits of the women really caught my eye straight away. Her use of colour combinations and the gorgeous details of the patterns. She seems to capture a sense of tranquility in her work that i admire. … and feel on this rainy day.

Polyhedra Helmet made completely from 80gsm paper by Talia Jimenez for her university project. Who is Talia? Well, how long do you have? She is my beautiful and talented niece that will be visiting me very soon!.…Anyway, this is a stunning piece of art work that must have taken hours to just make one! It’s such a delicate piece of art work that i wished i could get closer to them to appreciate every little piece on its own. And search for my favourite, perhaps the butterfly print one? Or maybe I can borrow one?

Inspired by the Japanese animated film, The secret world of Arrietty. Talia had this to say about creating her project, “The task was to create a helmet for Arrietty to wear on her midnight excursion `above ground´ to the world of humans. It would need to protect her from the perils of small creatures who scuttle around in the dark. Arriety loves the garden and is always making the dangerous journey across the lawn to the bay leaf tree. She often carries leaves able her head to act as a camouflage. She would need a helmet to camouflage her from the whooping magpies above and the prying eyes of humans.”

Oh I really would like to have a couple of them and place them between one of my plants – just in case Arrietty comes for a visit and needs protection!. I love the concept! ….What are your thought?

The Secret World of Arrietty, Kari-gurashi no Arietti, original title (Karigurashi means borrower in Japanese) Written by Hayao Miyazaki (creator of Spirited Away) and Keiko Niwa, based on the novel The Borrowers by Mary Norton. Directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi.

Curious to see the movie now? Discover Arriettys world here: YouTube Trailer

{ Polyhedra Paper Helmet Photos by Talia Jimenez, 2012 }

Maurice Sendak standing by an life-size scene from his book “Where The Wild Things Are” at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Beloved children’s (and adults) author and illustrator, Maurice Sendak Dead at 83…Till this day i can say that this one of my favourite books as a child, but even now, years, years later – It’s also a book for adults to enjoy. It’s hard not to be enthusiastic about Maurice Sendak’s imaginary, weird and visually lingering story books and illustrations. So here is my ode to Maurice Sendak’s wonderful world of storytelling and beautiful illustration art books. 

Where the Wild Things Are (1963).

Left, Dear Mili (1988) … right, Pierre (year?)

Left, We are All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy (1993) … Right, In the Night Kitchen (1970)

Illustration header Maurice Sendak did for Google. The most lovable and scary monster you will ever run into!. I love you Maurice Sendak,your work is timeless, inspiring and will live on!.

Czech Surrealist filmmaker-animator has been making films since the mid-’60s and i’m only just discovering the marvelous weirdness of Jan Švankmajer.

At the film house in Delft they had a special screening last night. Six short films of Jan Švankmaje early work – a mix between motion animation, puppets and live-action. His stories are fantastic, unpredictable, with a mix of weird and funny moments. Perhaps it’s not for everyone but i really appreciate the painstaking process of stop-motion animation and Švankmajer certainly didn’t disappoint.

There was one that stood out from the rest, Byt (The Flat) 1968. This film is crazy, black and white stop-motion masterpiece about a man trapped in a sinister flat, where nothing seems to obey the laws of nature. There was one scene that made me feel like i was watching René Magritte’s painting Not to be Reproduced come to life. Just like the painting the man looks into the mirror and only sees the back of his own head, a backwards image.

Not to be Reproduced (La reproduction interdite, 1937) by the Belgian surrealist René Magritte, located at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

{Source, puppet image The Last Tricky and Byt and René Magritte}


Today is my sweet dad’s birthday and it sounded like he had a good day. It was impossible to fly over for a weekend trip to Sydney to help him blow up the candles. Instead, we talked on the phone for ages (that always makes my day) and I got the feeling that we will see each other this year! That’s him in the black and white photo taken by my mum in Paris, 1969.

To me, dad is an incredible humble artist who has created some beautiful paintings and drawings as you can see above and below – these here just happened to have been saved on my computer…I love him and miss him dearly but I can’t wait to show off more of his work here!..xxX

Hope you enjoyed these post all these beautiful artworks!

How did i never know about this? ‘Atelierroute’ (in Dutch), artist studios tour in Delft for two days, over the weekend. Apparently it’s been going on for years and i only just discovered it! The Foundation for Art Delft’s ‘Atelierroute’ allows the public the opportunity to visit the artist studios, some of them work from home of course. Meet the artists themselves, take a peek at their working space and ask questions! I didn’t see as much as i would have liked to but the idea is AWESOME!!! It’s just too bad that it’s only once a year!
… And for the boys, World record attempt, Heineken beer crate bridge in the centre of Delft.  Just imagine, 13.650 beer crates. 13.66 meters high… Except, i don’t get the point of going to all that trouble, just to build a beer crate bridge?

A mix of striking, shiny art pieces that scream out to me look at me NOW!

Would love to know who the artist is?! Painting found via ffffound
Mythical fawn made of wood by Japanese sculptor  Yoshimasa Tsuchiya
Cool glass mirror by Doug Aitken
Stunning sculpture made of pyrite (iron sulphide) found here
Awesome succulents wall hangings found here

As I made my way back home on the train this afternoon, I noticed the blue sky and the BIG puffy white clouds – the ones that look like soft cotton. At first I was annoyed I didn’t have my camera with me (it was picture perfect) but then it seemed ok to just stare outside the window – at the beautiful fluffy clouds … so this is me today, staring at them.

{ Morning (aka spring) by Maxfield Parrish (1933) }

Photos from Saturdays trip to the Crystal Glass Art Show in Leerdam. There was so much variety in design, style, taste and a HUGE range of price tags!

Images from the crystal shop. For the ladies, high heels made from glass!

This bottom glass piece was funky. You could look through the glass and see people walk by and suddenly see them in more than three dimensions.

Then there was the tour around the Royal Leerdam workspace, I got to see the glass studio and how glass blowing works. It was not my first time but it’s always so impressive to watch.I will upload more photos (my favourites) but I hope you liked these glass pieces anyway!

My favourite discovery this week so far! I really love the combination of the girls gentle and peaceful spirit, the nature and dream-like paintings by modern Chinese artist, Wang Yi Guang.
Wang Yi Guang recent works are inspired by the humble beauty of the local Tibetan culture, landscape and Tibetans way of life; their respect for the environment and nature, as well as their optimistic approach to life, have provided an infinite source of inspiration to his body of work. His fond memories of Tibet – particularly catching sight of young girls running and laughing across the magnificent Tibetan plains, their sheep and cattle in tow – remind the artist that “Feitain” (or flying Devi, a mystical character, which is primarily found in the murals at Dunhuang and in sculptural forms in a handful of cave grottoes in China) does exist in life. The colours and detail work on these costumes are so beautiful. Everything is so surreal and gentle – happy flying girls through the air – who have a special bond with the wild animals, the yaks and sheep … I love that!

{ image source..: Schoeni or see more Wang Yi Guang paintings here }

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