Hello! My name is Susan Jimenez! Welcome to la susea my inspirational blog. This is my creative space dedicated to my love for design, art, photography, video, travel, culture. And life in Holland for an Aussie. As well as my big love for the sea and everything else I stumble across my daily life.

Besides spending my days bloggging away here, I am a designer, photographer, and all around online media specialist with a creative edge. I have over 10 years of experience in design, new media, and video production. I’m originally from Guatemala, but I grew up on Sydney´s northern beaches, Australia. However, I have adopted a cute little city called Delft, in Holland, together with my sweet Dutch man.

If I am not daydreaming or wishing I was swimming in the sea, this blog is to motivate me to stay busy, creative and have fun sharing my inspirations with you.



If you found one of my post, images interesting enough to want to share it – That’s fantastic! But please let me know or link it back to Lasusea.wordpress.com

If you have a question or just want to say hello? Contact me: lasusea@gmail.com

  1. Hello Susan, my name is Lina Rut Wilberg. I am an Icelandic artist and I was looking at your blogg and I was so supriced to se a picture of my work at your bloog, nice surprice. I have now a bisness idea and I am looking for people in europe who are interested to sell the idea, one in each country. I can see that you love art and design and that´s why I thought it would be good iedea to ask you. I can send you pictures and then com to meet with you if you are interested. All best, Lina Rut

  2. Hi Susan!

    My name is Elizabeth, and I am very happy to have stumbled upon your blog. I am also an expat currently living in Holland and I blog to stay creatively motivated as well. I’m also very interested in an education program in new media, and was wondering if I could get your take on it as I you have a B.A. in it. If you have a moment, maybe you can satisfy my curiosity by telling me where you went to school? If not, just a shout out to say I like what you’re doing!

    Warm Wishes,


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