Dear Rome With Love

The Colosseum

Woody Allen on the set in magical Rome directing his latest movie, To Rome With Love

Trevi Fountain, aaaw my favourite fountain to hang out and dream away…

Love the backdrop here with the lovely Alessandra Mastronardi (Milly)

The Spanish Steps

Reading the Writing on Pomeii´s Walls

I find Jesse Eisenberg (Jack) a perfect fit for Woody Allen’s film. His like the younger modern version of Woody Allen.

[ Images via virtual history ]

After my love for Woody Allens film Midnight in Paris – on the contrary – I had absolutely no expectations for his latest film To Rome With Love. I went to see the movie with the idea of wanting to listen to some Italian, see and experience Italy all over again. The cast is great, but it was Penelope Cruz that made it easy for me to decide to see this film.

Although the film is somewhat predictable and silly at times, still, it made me laugh and enjoy my night out. I know I was not the only one. It also took me back to my first time in Italy, the year of 1993. I was seventeen then, travelling with my brother and his girlfriend (at the time, who remains a very close friend of mine) all through Italy, and I feel in love, with the Renaissance art.

If you want to enjoy the film, I suggest you don’t compare it to Midnight in Paris. Instead, just enjoy the scenery, the iconic backdrops of magical Rome. Escape from reality while you enjoy watching Woody Allen back on the big screen again….If you have seen the film, did it also make you want to hop on the next plane and go to Rome, Italy?

  1. My all time favorite is mr. woody allen. I like his Hannah and Her Sisters alot. To Rome with love is a good film of him I felt, His performance with Jerry Zigmont at Vienne Jazz Festival was really a rocking one. Thanks for sharing the post Susan, I missed to watch his Midnight in Paris, I will see the movie as soon as possible. 🙂

  2. La Susea said:

    Hi Melica, thanks for dropping by and reminding me that I have to see, Hannah and Her Sisters. If you liked To Rome With Love, you are going to REALLY love, Midnight in Paris!…That’s pretty awesome that you got to see Woody Allen perfrom live, lucky you 🙂

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