Samsung Global Blogger: Results

A while back, I was excited to announce I was one of the finalists Samsung Global Blogger for the contest. I had to create a second, 30sec video about a sports event, use social media to spread the word and get some votes. Votes I did! I received a total of 1143 votes!!! Despite having the most votes within Holland, and for whatever reason (I will never know) it was not enough to get me through and become a global blogger during the London Olympics. …It was shattering news to receive after wishing for so long to be part of such an awesome opportunity. But as much of a disappointment it still may be. I have to keep telling myself, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.

So, this is my chance to thank YOU for your support and votes! I might not be going to London but it’s a fantastic boost to keep making videos!

AND here is the good news; I entered my audition video at the zoopaa website for the chance to win some cash. Well, I received not 1 but 2 awards from

    1. 3rd prize overall: Blogger Audition
    2. 1st prize: Best From NetherlandsSee my audition video and all other videos at

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