“Inside all of us is a Wild Thing.” Max

Maurice Sendak standing by an life-size scene from his book “Where The Wild Things Are” at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Beloved children’s (and adults) author and illustrator, Maurice Sendak Dead at 83…Till this day i can say that this one of my favourite books as a child, but even now, years, years later – It’s also a book for adults to enjoy. It’s hard not to be enthusiastic about Maurice Sendak’s imaginary, weird and visually lingering story books and illustrations. So here is my ode to Maurice Sendak’s wonderful world of storytelling and beautiful illustration art books. 

Where the Wild Things Are (1963).

Left, Dear Mili (1988) … right, Pierre (year?)

Left, We are All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy (1993) … Right, In the Night Kitchen (1970)

Illustration header Maurice Sendak did for Google. The most lovable and scary monster you will ever run into!. I love you Maurice Sendak,your work is timeless, inspiring and will live on!.

  1. these reviewers are crazy. this book is hilarious. it never says they are drinking booze, to kids swill could be punch. the illustrations are amazing, as are all of sendaks books. i love at the end when the aunt and he make up. it is adorable. i read it to toddlers as well as my kindergarten twins.i would recommend getting it, as i would recommend any other sendak book. there is nothing ‘frightening’ about it.

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