bold and round

Sometime without searching for it, you ran into a few images that fit together – like a colour block puzzle.  Just a couple of weeks, we were canoeing around the canals, closer to nature and nesting birds. We didn’t look as pretty or cute as the couple on the rowing boat but it was just as cosy…. The bold colour, circle bag would probably get wet on the boat, though it should fit heaps of goodies inside it. Fancy bag designed by Meredith Wendell.

This stunning girl in yellow shorts make me want to feel summer! Such a natural, refreshingly chic look, great colour combination too – but it’s the head wrap that makes it super cool picture – i need to start wearing head wraps again!. A great shot taken in Miami by photographer Scott Schuman.

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  1. Quick note on the first image of your post using the couple in the boat. While I know its next to impossible to track where that image got into the wild, I am trying to see to it the link backs are all taken care of as you have done with the other images in your post. Would be be kind enough to either credit with link the first image back to its original author of “Rowell Photography” or remove the image.
    Thanks again
    Ryan Rowell

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