Introducing Delft INA

About two years ago while unemployed I was traveling from Delft to The Hague to meet other professional expats seeking for work or to attend a career coach day. Or I would also attend entrepreneur meetings (once a month) for Dutch creative’s in Rotterdam. Always saying to myself, we need one in Delft! … Then I met again with my friend Lucie at my evening Dutch classes. After our classes I would walk home with her and tell her about my ideas, over this and that and how I would like to start a professional networking group for expats in Delft. I could see it really working out. Though I had no idea how or where to start?!

But I knew I was in good hands – Lucie been nominated twice for expat of the year awards, for her work with Delft Mama. And besides that, she is always willing to share her knowledge in business consultancy. …Well, somehow she liked the idea and started to network and found five other professional ladies who also found it interesting.

Fast forward to a year later, we lost two original members in the group. But now with have the perfect number of “5” awesome professional ladies, each with their own strength, talents and professional background. We are Delft INA, the first English-speaking professional non-profit organization for the international community in Delft.  So I’ve been so busy creating the brand identity for Delft INA, the logo, the flyer, the website (together with Molly). So far we are getting lot of support around us and on Wednesday we are having the official launch! …It’s so exciting to finally get Delft INA running and share my excitement here!.

The International Networking Association (INA) aim is to help other expats from all background and provide sources for those who are looking for work, starting their own business or business networking. We will also provide workshops with special guests and one-on-one meeting with the Executive Board members for a free 30 minute consultation session. That might sound fancy, but indeed we have fantastic team. My creative expertise include video online, photography, design and social media consultancy, and all the wonderful things in between!

For more information please go to the Delft INA website…

NEW Post Update!!!  It was a very successful event and we received positive feedback and lot’s of enthusiasms from the locals and international people living in Delft! Above is a few PHOTOS from the Launch Event from the 4th of April. See the rest of the images here.

  1. Cory said:

    Congratulations Susan, sounds like a great team…all the best!

  2. Thanks Cory, that means a great deal to me!!!

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