Hawaii’s classic island style

There was so much hype around the film The Descendants, that i decided to check it out. It was OK. Beautiful Mr. Clooney was good but Shailene Woodley was fantastic in it – first time i see her act. It was surprisingly funny at times and there were some very beautiful scenes of overcast, rainy Hawaii. Unfortunately, the story didn’t quite grab me – i seemed more interested in the sets, the classic Hawaiian style homes…and wishing i had a tropical Hawaiian place…

I LOVE Hawaiian style, it’s like a mix of fresh, modern style with new and old things and lot of art  hangings on the wall or as a center piece. I see lot of contrast in texture, individual pieces, plenty of wood art (you got to have a long board) and bright colours. Both pictures above, inspire me to go out and look for tropical (floral) fabric to cover up my boring poor couch.

How about a surf shack at the back of the house? It looks so cosy and cute.

And since i can’t grow a palm tree in the city of Delft. A painting with a palm tree in it will do thank you!!

{ source.: All home interior photos found via houzz — Old Photo of hula girl found via all posters
Two tropical Hawaiian paintings by Danny Braddix and Hawaiian tropical road painting found  here. }


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