sweat dreamzzz

It’s been sometime since my last post. But sometimes busy days, new changes in life can take over inspiration. Today, i have something to share…..As i awoke to the beginning of my Sunday morning, i looked out my window — surprisingly very sunny out and warm. A few thoughts popped into my head that stayed with me for the rest of the day. Spring is slowly shinning through, yeaiii! — time to change my bedroom curtains and i would really love to find a summery duvet cover.

Simplicity is a good start. Love the red embroidery bed cover — oh red! you are always my first choice, via digma and i need a beautiful painting, hanging above my bed, via bolig pluss.

But then i see the colour yellow and it makes me happy just looking at it  — i wonder if i would wake up every morning EXTRA happy having a yellow duvet cover over me? Aaaah i can say yes any day to modern bohemian style, specially when it looks so effortlessly and bright. Love the jewelry, the butterfly details via havenspie and coco+kelly.

Lovely room for a lady, not sure if i could convince my man to go for the look though? lace curtain is a great idea via, msmuse olive-green room inspiration via, pinkwallpaper.

I’ll take that gorgeous blue/purple velvet bed cover! Spring, winter anytime of the year, will always look cool and so right in a bedroom, via from scandinavian with love and the roses found via pinterest.

Now that i’ve found some colourful and diverse inspiration  — let’s see what my bedroom looks like but summer time!!!


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