My Night with Marilyn

I was so excited to see “My Week With Marilyn,” starring Michelle Williams as the forever iconic Marilyn Monroe. The movie was OK. I wish i could say i loved it but i didn’t it. However, it’s worth seeing the movie to see what life was for Marilyn Monroe and to see Michelle Williams performance. Although i had my doubts her playing this role, i mean, those are some BIG shoes to fill. She did manage to capture Marilyn Monroe’s mannerisms and she also has the sweet demeanor needed for this role. Overall, Michelle Williams was fantastic so i wouldn’t be surprised if she wins an Oscar.

I love Marilyn, i love her smile and energy. She has always been unbelievably gorgeous, mysterious witty and interesting to me. She such a screen goddess that had a way of outshining everything around her. In a way, Michelle Williams managed to also still the show in the movie.

I don’t think you need helping guessing who is who, but just in case Marilyn Monroe is the one on the right, the hotter one here – even in a woolen turtle neck!

{ images of Michelle Williams found via: vogue magazine and images of Marilyn Monroe found via pinterest}


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