Evening of Lights Atmosphere

Here are the rest of the photos from the “Evening of Lights Festival” Lichtjesavond in Delft. A night of special lighting effects, music, food stands and other sort of goods stands spread around the city.

My favourite stand of the night! Great to see this man still making chairs in this tradition way.

“The Light Thief” doing his show presentation on the veranda of the City Hall building. Though I have to agree with the kiddies, that he went on and on for waaay too long.
Oooh just a lady hanging in the air, singing above the crowd – just before the Christmas tree lights up for the first time. But everyone was enthralled by this spectacular presentation. The crowd at the Market Square… She had a nice voice, but i kept wondering how high and cold it was up there for her.
Finally, the Christmas tree light up! …Yes, it’s a real Christmas tree and a beautiful one, too!

  1. nuvofelt said:

    What lovely photographs. Thanks for sharing the occasion with us.

  2. La Susea said:

    Awww, thanks for your comment. It’s nice to know you liked the photos. Happy Holidays x

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