Ghent: Interior design shops

When I was in Ghent the other day, with no plans on things to do and see. I accidentally discovered a couple of home decor and interior design shops that I hope to visit again soon! The very lovely Huiszwaluw Shop was full of inspiring home decorations and accessories… I particularly loved the fabric storage boxes you see in the first picture above.

You can also check out Huiszwaluw facebook page to see more photos of the shop.
I love these sever plate design below and the way this part of the shop is set up, it looks unique.

These last two photos I took from a very spacious interior designer shop. It has everything you can possible think that you might need for your kitchen or home. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the shop but I am sure a local would be able to guide you to it – It’s hard to miss.

  1. Kate said:

    Very cute! I’ve never been to Ghent, but judging from time in Bruges and Brussels (and this post) the Belgians have some great design to choose from in general. Wish Europe wasn’t a 12+ hour flight away!

  2. La Susea said:

    Actually, Antwerp is my favourite place to go shopping in Belgium :)) The city itself is just beautiful and easy enough to get around. Lucky for me, it’s just over an hour train ride from here in Delft. Where is home for you Kate?

  3. April said:

    Unfortunately, I’ve never been to Belgium, but I really liked this store! Now I’ve reason to visit this wonderful country, and buy lamp with wooden shade, I love it)

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