Day out in Ghent

It’s not often that I see my brother-in-law, maybe twice a year on his travels from San Diego to Cairo. Fortunately, this time, the three of us had more than just a couple of days together. And so a spontaneous day out to Ghent was perhaps the highlight of our time together.

A great overview of the city of Ghent, from the 91-meter-high belfry, medieval tower.

A funky Christmas tree in front of Gravensteen castle.

Mmm too bad this chocolate shop was already closed by the time we passed through. Otherwise, I would have loved to take a bite of Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet (black Piet) chocolates…Sinterklaas, (also known as Saint Nicholas) looks so cute here with his red costume and a mitre on his head.

Sinterklaas, is a Dutch (and Belgium) tradition that the children love so much and celebrate on December 5th. The adults also join in and exchange gifts AND write a poem to go with the present. I managed to write 5 poems in Dutch (it took me for ever) and Rutger wrote 11 poems in no time!

Last photo of the evening, beautiful Ghent by night…


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