I’m getting in the mood for some decoration…

Like it or not, December is here! And I’m sorry to remind you, but winter is officially only a week away! Here are some typical Christmas images and ideas to set the mood. It always takes me some time to get into the Christmas spirit and so I thought this might me a good start to get me in the mood

Beautiful black & white photo of a deer – they are such gentle creatures, that they can always be the image for my Christmas cards Save a tree and create your own wall Christmas tree!

Red & white Felt strips scream Christmas to me! Crystal, metal or silver decor is just a gorgeous and easy way to get your place looking like Christmas. It magically make the room look pretty and festive.

  1. Cory said:

    Love that deer picture but it does feel kinda haunting too…

  2. La SuSea said:

    I never thought of it that way, but i can see what you mean :))

  3. Cory said:

    I get this weird flash back, remember the old Robin Hood tv series?
    So nice that you have winter where you are. Over here in Singapore we get November rain right up till Christmas. Melted snow I say!
    Nevertheless it’s still my favourite time of the year. Happy holidays yea?

  4. La Susea said:

    I’ve never seen that show ;(
    December is a FUN month of the year, despite it being winter or summer. Happy holidays to you too!

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