Antique Markets of Delft

I believe these are the last photos from the Antique Markets in Delft, for 2011. I hope I am wrong because I fell in love with an art nouveau bronze sculpture!

The antique markets are held every Saturday between mid-April to the end of September. The stores are spread out throughout one side of the city centre, but it takes some time to get around all of them. If you are in no rush, you won’t mind the crowd.

Last Saturday I finally made sometime to look around – I usually ride by (on my way to the fruit markets) and don’t bother to stop. But, the day was gorgeous and three hours flew by, which means I had the chance to take some great shots…

It’s impressive and overwhelming what you can find at the antique markets. The above art nouveau bronze sculpture was by far one of my favourite things that i noticed. Unfortunately, it was waaaaay over my budget…  How about a kees van Dongen lithoprint from 1957. Yes, please!!! Oh, wait. It 370 Euros.

More paintings, some of which are replicas – the girl with a pearl earring. That is so Delft!Jewels! What lady isn’t fascinated by beautiful jewels

Maybe it helps if you know what you are after or hopping to find. Otherwise, your eyes wonder of and get confused, in the wonderful antique madness of old and new and can’t decide anymore… Ha ha , that’s what happened to me!

I bought some little goodies, nothing spectacular like an art nouveau bronze sculpture!

The only sad part (of the end of the antique markets in Delft) is that…Once the antique market season is gone, it becomes a real indication that summer has left us (me) and time to move onto to Autumn!


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