Crystal Glass Art Show

Photos from Saturdays trip to the Crystal Glass Art Show in Leerdam. There was so much variety in design, style, taste and a HUGE range of price tags!

Images from the crystal shop. For the ladies, high heels made from glass!

This bottom glass piece was funky. You could look through the glass and see people walk by and suddenly see them in more than three dimensions.

Then there was the tour around the Royal Leerdam workspace, I got to see the glass studio and how glass blowing works. It was not my first time but it’s always so impressive to watch.I will upload more photos (my favourites) but I hope you liked these glass pieces anyway!

  1. This is simply gorgeous creations. Love the Cinderella inspired footwear. Unfortunately, true glass blown footwear is not exactly slim and fashionable, unlike Disney

  2. nuvofelt said:

    Lovely shots. The reflections must have made that difficult.

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