The Spirit and Movement of Wang Yi Guang

My favourite discovery this week so far! I really love the combination of the girls gentle and peaceful spirit, the nature and dream-like paintings by modern Chinese artist, Wang Yi Guang.
Wang Yi Guang recent works are inspired by the humble beauty of the local Tibetan culture, landscape and Tibetans way of life; their respect for the environment and nature, as well as their optimistic approach to life, have provided an infinite source of inspiration to his body of work. His fond memories of Tibet – particularly catching sight of young girls running and laughing across the magnificent Tibetan plains, their sheep and cattle in tow – remind the artist that “Feitain” (or flying Devi, a mystical character, which is primarily found in the murals at Dunhuang and in sculptural forms in a handful of cave grottoes in China) does exist in life. The colours and detail work on these costumes are so beautiful. Everything is so surreal and gentle – happy flying girls through the air – who have a special bond with the wild animals, the yaks and sheep … I love that!

{ image source..: Schoeni or see more Wang Yi Guang paintings here }


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