Amy Winehouse Joins The 27 Group

It’s been a very long time since my last post here. But as soon as I heard the news that Amy Winehouse was dead. “…I said no, no, no.” I sprung up off the couch and got busy surfing the internet. This woman had phenomenal talent, she was a great songwriter and singer and it didn’t take for her to die so young for me to know that I’ve been a fan for many years…and so I just felt like putting together beautiful photos & music videos of the late Amy Winehouse. It was no secret that she had a troubled life and battled with drugs and alcohol. Now Amy Winehouse joins the ’27 Club’. Famous rock stars who’ve died at the tragically young age of 27. They include Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix and Kurt Cobain. A very sad coincidences and a rock star group you don’t want to join! Such troubled souls and yet profoundly talented!

“We only said goodbye with words. I died a hundred times. You go back to her, And I go back to Black.” -Amy Winehouse, Back to Black

I recall listening to her first album “Frank” (2003) when she was looking healthy, gorgeous and excited about life – You can find an old interview with Amy from 2007 here. Before she had tattoos (though i have nothing against tattoos) did drugs and before she meet that damn Blake (the one who apparently introduced Amy to heavy drugs) whom she later married. Watch the video In My Bed to see Amy back in the days when she looked happy and vibrant.

Then again, when the album “Back to Black” (2006) come out, their was so much rawness and emotional punch, as they say. It’s an awesome album that’s still hot on the music charts. Amy sure managed to WOW the world! At least it did for me…She had her own unique sense of style with her 1950s rockabilly frocks and 1960s beehive hairdo. It was fun to see see something fresh and exciting on stage again. The song Rehab perhaps is not my favourite song, though, the video I absolutely love it. Amy is also great in the video. I’m loving the style and the overall look of the video, so cool!…‘tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no’.

I honestly wanted her to get her crap together and make beautiful music again. So yeah, I am feeling very disappointed and sad of course that she’s gone and we’re left with only two amazing albums. I think she was undeniably talented singer-songwriter that will be missed for her  extraodinary musical talent.

The following video link shows her raw talent as she sings so effortlessly, yet so real. A great performance too..: You Know I’m No Good (live) Yes, it’s a sad story, a world unknown to me. However, I’m happy to know that I have always appreciated and loved her music and will continue to listen to Amy Winehouse. Well, i’ll like to end this on a high note – here is a fun song to kick-start your day..: Valerie.

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  3. And I don’t have that, luckily!!! Alcohol doesn’t help either. GOD rest her soul

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