What an exciting weekend it was at Papendal circuit near Arnhem. My first BMX Supercross experience and surprisingly enough i had so much fun! Not a dull moment. The track is the same construction as the 2012 Games in London. With a lap time around 41 seconds. So basically it took me longer to get off my seat and down the stairs… i consider that when i was at the event. All that training, preparation and yet anything can happen. So here are some photos from the crazy weekend.As you can imagine, it was all about high jumps, gliding through the air… making it around tight corners and witnessing some nasty wipe-outs! Yes, ouch!!! I saw some very tough girls out there in the track, kicking ass! Unfortunately, this poor dude (see picture below) slammed so hard on the ground that eventually needed to be carried away by the paramedics… in this sport, a little luck, can get you to the finish line. Of course the crowd loved the Dutch team. However, i thought that the crowd wasn’t as noisy or as supportive to the rest of the riders… it didn’t make a difference to me. I was happy to cheer for the Aussie and the Dutch team. And a guy from Colombia, with the same surname as me…he he he. …Who won? Well, at the end it was a double victory for the kiwis…

Looks like i might of found myself a new interest in the BMX scene ( i blame it on my partner, he’s the one that got me started on this, he he he). By the end of the event i realized how much respect i have for BMX Supercross and sports in general.


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