The Orange Craze

If you ever wanted to visit Holland, 30th of April, Queen’s Day (or Koninginnedag in Dutch) might be the ideal choice.  Everyone is  smiling and having a good time! Although it is national holiday to commemorate the birthday of the country’s Queen’s (mother’s) birthday. It’s not just to focus on the royal family or a presentation of patriotism. It’s simply a big open event for everyone in Holland to enjoy the day….this year, again i made my way across Amsterdam, and stayed close to the Jordaan district where it was less hectic…. Here are my photos of yesterdays very orange day outI just love the clothing sales, a fun event to  snatch up some good deals. Even the useless things people, kids get rid off that day, makes it all more interesting and worth while walking through the busy streets. Between all the craze you also have  the chance to listen to music and eat deliciously good food all day while the sun is beaming down!Since i have some more photos of yesterday – specially of cute people that i will post them tomorrow…in the mean time you can check out my last years post on Queen’s Day here.

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  1. Mehfooz said:

    Beautiful place. Would love to visit but my bad have got no resources.

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