Close-Up: A little too close

I know that most of the times i see a painting that i love, i need to get that close to it, that i’m glad i have a small nose!. Doing that makes me think that i’ll get a new understanding of the painting and the artist….Below are a mix of photos i took from various museums in Rotterdam.Close up photo of the painting/collage of actual paper cut-outs from magazines of people skiing! From the distance it looks like small stripes of something. Love the idea!Now, let me have some fun with the following photo – the do’s and dont’s at a museum. Most people would agree that small space lets art goers get up close and intimate with the artwork. But in this case its different. Every time i look at this picture, i think its hilarious! I was standing there for a while confused with what she was doing – no, its no car racing Nintendo Wii game! She’s in fact sending a (very important if you ask her) sms while standing right in front of the painting. Clearly oblivious that people are right behind – on the side waiting politely for her to get out the way. I was just glad i wasn’t the artist, that wouldn’t be a good sign…he he he yep, you’ll always find some interesting characters at museums.I thought this was a very cool instillation. You can see the video image – top left hand side (left image)….The other image on the right is a drawing of two hands grabbing onto actual string/ rope – that connects the drawing and screen image on the wall. Cool right?!I like the way this photo turned out. You can see shadows of people through the woods – as if its part of the painting. However, its the reflection of people standing around the room.Above, hands up in the air mirror artwork, creates an illusion that there’s more than one person
Above, some cool black and white artworks of local artist in Holland.


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