Vintage Red Velour Hat

I’ve been saving these beautiful images for sometime now. That long, that i completely forgot about them till today! A note for me, it’s always handy to remember to tidy your folders in your computer…..I’m loving the rich tones, the composition, style and most noticeably, the mood – though all portraits are made by three different artist….To me, they all share a similar somber mood that i find most intriguing.

Above, photo by talented young photographer…: Eke Miedaner
Bottom left, fashion icon photographer…: Norman Parkinson
Bottom right, Painting by Kees van Dongen { see my previous post on Kees van Dongen here}

  1. troy said:

    It’s like a raspberry beret 🙂

  2. A beret is probably the best way to describe it, but i couldn’t find that word yesterday 😉

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