Strike the pose?

It’s a good time to start getting back to shape and try to get rid of the winter love handles – that stuck by me trough the long, very cold winter! About three weeks ago i FINALLY started jogging – I say, Hip Hip Hooray! Since i was finding it very difficult to motivate myself and get out of the door and just do it… I had to hunt down a friend of mine, who is very sporty and has been running for sometime – basically i needed a kick start and i think I’m on the right track. I’ve manage to run twice a week now, once with my friend and the other time ALONE! That’s a big accomplishment since i haven’t been jogging for over a year!….Then, i was chatting with my mum yesterday and she was telling me that she is considering to do a half marathon run within two months! She’s amazing and extremely active and fit. There’s no doubt my mum can achieve it. Thus, i better keep running! For that reason, I’m finding these photos very inspiring and excited to challenge myself and get back to Yoga….Love these Yoga poses, arm balance yoga poses are my favourite. But the 83 year old lady in the photos above is incredible! Bette Calman from Australia has been teaching Yoga for 40 years (so there’s hope!) and is living proof of how amazing Yoga can keep you fit and how good it makes you feel. Read more about Bette here.

Photos found via…: Yoga at the beach Because We Can …: Amazing 83 year old granny Read Yoga …: Hands together now love the brand …: Another photo by Because We Can …: Kitty can also do it! ffffound


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