Envelope suburbs

Once upon a time before we had the internet! I definitely use to hold on to special envelopes from overseas (anywhere besides Australia of course) the ones with exotic stamps and beautiful handwriting. Nowadays it’s so rare to get handwritten letters…so i’m loving these soft earthy tones, cute little paper towns created by Camilla Engman… she’s from Sweden and knows how to work wonders with different style of media besides paper and collages. I noticed her work via flickr and soon enough i made my way to her blog which I  found very inspiring and pretty! When was the last time you sent someone a letter by mail, not a card but a letter?

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  1. Jet said:

    Hello Susan!

    Just got across your blog by accident and loved your post on envelopes! From that, I went through your posts. What a great blog, love your references and aesthetic.

    Speaking of envelopes, allow me to invite you to check out my blog on
    I’m starting a fun project that intends to give a second life to used envelopes from around the world, while building a colourful collection. Hope you like it! By the way, I don’t have an Australian or Dutch yet… 😉

    Keep posting, you may just have gotten a few Portuguese readers.

    Cheers, look forward to your feedback! – Jet @ Project Envelope

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