THE Bike Shelf

Need a bike storage solution with style? Chris Brigham’s bike shelf design has to be popular for both men and women. The guys can throw their helmet or backpack on top of the shelf. Whereas the ladies, well, we can carefully place a pretty ornament, decoration, a plant or some lovely books. It such a simple and clever storage solution, that our 2 mountain bikes in our very narrow hallway would look good hanging up! It’s not a cheap solution but hey, its handmade by one man alone – It’s made from solid wood and suspended by a steel square rod mount and can be custom made. Want to know more about Chris Brigham? See his Knife & Saw’s blog.

{photos: coolhunting} elegant bike storage solution

  1. kate said:

    Great idea! But would only work for men’s bikes, ladies bikes not having that straight bar across. So, a sexist bike hanging problem solution 😉

  2. troy said:

    That is cool.

  3. La SuSea said:

    You are so right! I didn’t even think of that since these days i’m only riding my mountain bike. Thanks for pointing it out Kate 🙂

  4. La SuSea said:

    I think so too…specially if you have a mountain bike 🙂

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