all talk is of rain

I might have been grumbling about the rain here, grey sky, its cold and wet…but nothing like what Queensland is having to go through, such devastating floods – massive amount of water sweeping away cars, houses, everything and streets turning to rivers. Today was the worst day yet of the ‘inland tsunami’ and its horrible to see the footage on TV. My heart goes out to all the Queenslanders who have lost everything, their home, loved ones….and to all the dear wildlife out there… i’m thinking of you!
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  1. wow is are those floods where you live? 🙂

  2. La SuSea said:

    Hi Kitty, fortunately i’m based in Holland but Australia is my home.

  3. so thats not your home country i’m in canada hamilton actually. astrallia looks like a great place its winter here in it winter where you are ? we have a lot of snow! it gets annoying to get to school and stuff but its fun to play in! (:

  4. how old are you?

  5. you know that baby in the picture thats my baby brother and those are my two puppies i got for christmas! But i have 4 dogs and thats my only little brother. his name is collin and my 3 year old little sister her name is anna i love them both very much my brother was born two days before christmas so he was the family’s best christmas present this year!

  6. Jaccstev said:

    I’m praying for everyone who is affected and suffering in Australia. Dont give up! God is with you always! God Bless Australia…

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