woolly for two

Photo above {source: tumblrphotographyxox dot tumblr com}Early December i had to desperately buy new pair of winter gloves. It was that cold and necessary – crazy enough most of the shops had run out off gloves, out stock they said! It was even on the news…ha ha ha.  I ended up buying a plain black but VERY WARM gloves from a local sport shop. They keep me warm but i wish i had one of these – hand-knitted, fingerless CUTE mittens…. Though i do wonder how warm they keep your hands when its freezing and its raining?

All hand-knitted mittens staring from top {left} original looking mittens by tinytoadstool found via Etsy….: Norwegian mittens with dark blue and white yarns by Grunwald….: Maybe my favourite one from the group, black and white stripe found at madewell dot com….: Grey and white mittens found at smallable dot com by Oeuf NYC…..: Red mittens photo by Anny Purls {via flickr}

  1. Andrea said:

    I learned to knit off YouTube right before xmas, and knit my own (very cute) fingerless gloves…I’ll try to remember to send you a photo!

  2. La SuSea said:

    Hi Andrea, Happy New Year! I had to say that 🙂 That’s so cool you’ve learned to knit! Send me the picture when you can – would love to see them – curious about the colour too. x

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